I was really impressed by how well Arkansas played this weekend, especially tonight. That’s a likely NCAA Tournament team it beat short-handed by 28 points.

This team could be a beast before it’s all said and done. Just need to make sure we get good play at the 4 and 5, especially on the boards. They obviously had that tonight.

And against good players. Mike mentioned the other night that he thought Nana Foulland could be an NBA Draft pick. I thought Gafford held his own against him.

Yes he did. One thing, and I think he will learn this, but he’s got to stay out of foul trouble. That will come.

I greed with the above on Gafford, but will he take coaching from coach Anderson and the other coachs? I may be wrong but it looked like he was mouthing back at coach Anderson at the end of the game, Gafford was looking down at coach with frown on his face spitting out words. Like I said, I may be wrong and I hope I am.

I thought he was upset about the officiating. He had some touch fouls go against him.

Thanks Gentry, your answer makes more sense than mind…

He was irritated with the officiating for sure. I know a couple times they allowed Bucknell’s center to hook him on those baseline moves.

From everything I’ve seen (and read) he is super effort/attitude guy. No worries there.

I saw it, too. He was upset when he was called for a foul after Noulland hooked him on a move to the basket in front of the Bucknell bench. It looked to me like Mike might have asked him what happened and, understandably frustrated, Gafford told him.