Impressed with our AD

This was my first look at Hunter Yuracheck. Very impressed.

Seems like he is the man in charge and in total control of his department. He handled the press conference like an expert. Did not evade a single question. Did not beat around the bush. Straight from the heart answers.

He showed great respect for Mike. Clearly comunicated what he thought Mike was lacking. Said he and Mike shared the same core values and it was his most difficult decision, He also said Mike handled the firing with class. That was very comforting to hear.

Feel good about the leadership at the top.

I am glad to hear that, people respect you and listen to what you say.

Excellent post sir and glad to see you speaking on it. I have felt that HY had a plan and once he hired his coach he would sit down and answer all the questions everyone has been mad and griping about. When I watched it live today I just smiled and thought about so many folks on this board who were pissed off at him. He had a plan and stuck to it and it worked out just fine. HIs multiple comments on MA and his respect for him and what he did for our program and the State of Arkansas were great to hear and a very classy move. He was open and didn’t hide from the questions and it was great to see. Thank you again for the post!

I agree. I was getting a little nervous with a few of the rumors but sounds like Coach Muss is the real deal. Beck’s comments mean a lot to me.

I’ve been able to get to know him some the past year and often talk to people who work for him. They all have had comments that mirror my own observations: he is a sharp individual who is organized, approachable, driven and listens. That thoroughness is what led me to say several times that I wouldn’t be surprised if the hire takes until after the Final Four to finalize.

Might be comforting to hear, but I don’t think it went down that way. I think a lot of those comments were just the politically correct thing to say. From what I heard that meeting on the golf course between them got pretty heated. Also, Mike Anderson Jr. on his radio show alluded to his family knowing for months that Yurachek wanted to push him out, and Sampson was the guy they really wanted. Also, just tonight Demarre Carroll, Mike’s nephew put out a tweet Arkansas would regret firing CMA, and his family always bounces back. It was retweeted by Mike Anderson Jr.

Just that stuff, on top of CMA’s video he released where thanked Jeff Long and the Chancellor and didn’t even mention Yurachek or anyone on the BOT leads me to believe it really wasn’t that peaceful of a firing as Yurachek tried to make it out to be.

Anyways, what’s done is done, I’m excited about this Musselman hire, can’t wait to get some more recruiting news going. We’ll see if this ends up being a good hire, I’m staying cautiously optimistic.

Like I alluded to with PJ about the search, you are choosing to believe rumors with a certain bend.

Maybe the Monday meeting did get heated? So? If CMA didn’t have a vision and plan for improvement like Hunter mentioned, I could see where it could’ve gotten heated. What’s wrong with that? It happens. Also, the firing meeting was different than the Monday meeting. That one may have not been heated at all.

I thought Sampson was the guy, too, but as this thing has unfolded, the writers I talk with give a compelling story that Sampson was never a serious candidate. The talks didn’t get far at all.

Hunter didn’t say it was easy. He said it was the most difficult thing he’s ever done. Maybe it was messy. He can still feel that way about CMA. I can say I understand that from my own professional experience.

RazorAg you nailed it again!

With this outstanding hire, our AD has proved his worth.

I agree. He was impressive.


I don’t know how far the talks with Sampson went, but everything I read and hear on the radio indicates Sampson was their first choice. I even hear that Yuracheck has been thinking about getting rid of Mike since early this year and Mike had even caught wind of that. I just think Yuracheck didn’t’ think there would so much backlash to coach-in-waiting for his son. To his credit, as soon as he heard that, he backed off.

I am sure there was some political correctness in his speech yesterday. I was happy he did the right thing by giving Mike some good parting words. Because most people don’t follow the program as closely as we do.

I do hope Mike coaches somewhere again. Hopefully a P5 school. He is a very good coach and has had bad breaks at Arkansas. There are many ways and styles to win basketball games with and each style has its weaknesses. As with any coach, when you lose a game, the anti crowd jumps on the weaknesses. I would love to have another team to follow closely, like Missouri 10 years ago,

Any manager who’s had to have a performance-related conversation with a subordinate employee knows that the meeting is going to look different from the other side. HY says he didn’t hear what he needed to hear from MA and MA I’m sure believes he’s the right man for the job.

I’m sure HY contacted Sampson or his people to gauge interest. There may have been a lot from both sides. To me, demanding the right to pick your own successor at a program where you’ve never coached a game is a bridge too far. From Sampson’s perspective, he had nothing to lose making the demand, so why not? I don’t want “that guy” leading you’re program. I suspect HY agreed.

So Sampson got paid, his son gets taken care of, and Arkansas went elsewhere.

Of course the two will have different perspectives. Mike’s family will naturally think that he was not given a fair shot.

The rumor that I heard (and it is only a rumor) was that Mike was very loyal to his staff and thus he would not consider changing his staff. I can believe that. Some sort of shake-up was needed. I’m sorry to see Mike go.

When there isn’t a breach of contract or show cause or ethics issues and the boss or bosses decide its time for a change in any profession, the firing of any upper management personell and/or anyone who command 6 figure salaries don’t take place without some heated backlash. The classy part is how it’s handled after the fact between the 2 parties involved. So far I think both Hunter & Mike have handled it very professionally. But you can’t always control what other sources, friends, & family may say & do on their own accord.

In my opinion, Coach Anderson was given a fair shot and was treated fairly.

I’ve heard that…and heard other HC’s say same. Never understood why a coach would dig in his heels at that, in that said loyalty to his assistants just got them all fired, most likely, instead of maybe only 1 or two.

If that is a fact, I am proud of Mike for standing firm on the assistants. I am glad he didn’t do what a lot of football coaches do. That is, fire an assistant to save their job.

I am sure Hunter was okay with Scotty, but was after TJ, Melvin and maybe Zimmerman. Those three have been with him from the get go and responsible for whatever success he has had. Loyalty should go both ways. Also he knows buck stops with him.

I have read and listened to all of these rumors. There is a writer, maybe two, that were dead on early in reporting that Sampson may not be in play as much as we all thought. From that direction, the coach in waiting deal was also not a significant factor. It was more of a UH offering, trying to sweeten the deal for Sampson to stay.

As Hunter said yesterday, lots and lots of misinformation out there during this search.