Important: If you are having trouble seeing board content

Some of you have said that on your iPhone you are having difficulty seeing posts because of ads covering the screen.

If this is still happening, please reply to this thread with the type of device and which browser you are using.

Our techs have tried replicating this issue but couldn’t get it to happen. If you can be as specific as possible about the device and browser, that should help in getting it resolved.

I’m having the problem on an iPad Pro. Latest IOS. Both Safari and Chrome. When I get the ads which block the content, I am able to double tap the screen to zoom in and out and that sort of moves the ads out of the way.

I have this problem on iPhone XS Max, iOS 12.2

not reliable, and when it does happen it resolves if I rotate my phone 90 degrees.


iPad. I use safari.

iPhone 8 (Don’t judge :smiley: )

I Iphone 8 Safari

iPhone 8+


I have both the iPad Pro and iPhone X. I use the app Purify (ad blocker) and I never have any problems on the site.

iPhone XS browser safari

Iphone 8+ safari

Just started for me today and it’s inconsistent.

iPhone XR Safari

I use Adblock Plus (free) on iPhone 7 and never see any ads. You have to turn on the “block all ads” feature for it to work

Had a problem earlier today. IPhone 8 with latest IOS update and Safari browser.