Important for people to be real during this

I put this in a separate thread so it wouldn’t get lost in the flood of comments on the game thread.

Even if we lose worse than the 63-0 that Vandy lost by, this is still just one game on the road in a very hostile environment against the team that I think is the best in the nation. We will still be 4-1.

How many people can be honest and say that at the beginning of the season if you were offered the record of being 4-1 after playing Rice, Texas, Texas A&M, and Georgia, that you would not be jumping up and down with joy. Being happy to take the 4-1 record and run with it.

After today we will be 4-1 and so far that is still a very successful beginning to the season.

So while I don’t like the beat down we are taking and hate that Gameday is there to blast it all over, I am not too upset with where we are in the Pittman rebuilding project.

So with that being said, all I got left is…



Well said. I think we rally and give Ole Miss hell


Agree. We’ve already won more games this season than we did during the entire Chad Morris error. There will be better days.


Georgia is an elite team that is going to do this to a lot of teams this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar outcome next week at Auburn.

Arkansas has played OK since the initial blitz. I was having flashbacks to the 2016 Auburn game early. This team didn’t fold like that one did.


Agree. Well said. As someone said in the game thread, we can’t let UGA beat us twice. We need to put this behind us so we can beat Ole Miss. And then we need to beat Auburn.


I predict today is just the beginning of a what will be another woeful SEC record for the Hogs.
We were never as good as our ranking… We are a borderline top 40 team at best.

Think you are wrong. We win 4 sec games if not more.
Time will tell. Go ask Texas and Texas am if we should be ranked 40th.


Oh good grief. We beat 2 very good teams decisively. We beat two mediocre teams easily. We are better than “top 40”. Our problem is that 6 or so of our opponents are better than top 40. Today was 1 or 2.

We could easily lose at Ole Miss, another top 15 team. But Auburn is not as good as A&M or Texas. At least I doubt they are. We can beat LSU, AU, MSU, and OM. If we win 2 of the 4, we are legit top 25. That should mean an 8-4 season.

Back in August, how many would have taken 4-1 at this point? Had you told me we’d be 4-1 now, I’d have been ecstatic. Looking at 8-9 wins in early October would have been incredible


Thanks for the thread, Votan. And well said. I didn’t expect us to win today but had hoped we would play much better. That said, it was a very tough ask for our team – Kirby clearly had has guys ready and all the hype from the media and Game Day only helped fire up that defense!

Georgia is the best team in the country, and gives us a good idea of how far we still need to go to be competitive at that level. I love our team and CSP but let’s be realistic. We are in the middle of a rebuild.

Next week will be a real challenge. Have to believe the Old Piss QB has had that game circled for the past year. Their team is playing really well this year. I believe we are up to the challenge, and CSP will have our guys ready.

GHG !!!


Beat Ole Miss that will solve it

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I still love this team and coaches, but no matter how you slice it, we got it handed to us today. We’ll see how good we are next week against another tough opponent at their place. This schedule is an absolute killer. 8-4? Here’s hoping and still calling those hogs…


Hope your fall off the bandwagon results in no serious injury.


I’d like you to name 40 teams better than us. I can name maybe 15, perhaps 20.

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We have got to solve the penalties especially false starts. I stopped counting at 6. There was a play in the 2nd half where we had 3 penalties on 1 play! I have been watching and listening to Razorback football for over 50 years and I have never heard of that happening before and neither had the announcer!

We are still a good football team but we have some work to do! GHG!

Georgia was using what I think the NE Patriots made popular with the entire D-Line shifting just before the snap to draw a few of those false starts. They knew in that hostile environment and the pressure to get good blocks that we could be susceptible to that.

Serious question: Would you rank Texas or Texas A&M outside the top 40? I wouldn’t, so I certainly wouldn’t rank the one team that has beaten them both. I think Arkansas is a top-25 team, but not top 10.

I think Arkansas is better than what I have seen of Mississippi State and Missouri, and possibly Auburn and LSU so far.

Alabama and Georgia are in a class of their own (maybe with Florida), as today showed in Athens, and I think will probably show in Tuscaloosa.


Georgia and Alabama are not just elite this year but are elite programs. Rotations of some of the best athletes in the game and in a class to themselves and few others.

Arkansas does not have that kind of rotational deep NFL talent. We have some great players and heart and are going in the right direction. But we are not a national title contending program at this moment.

No shame in this loss at all.

Personally it seemed we were psyched out and a little scared out of the gate and just got steam rolled. Did not seem a fair fight.

There are two elite programs on our schedule a notch above essentially all other programs these past years in Georgia’s case and certainly during Saban’s reign at Bama.

That’s two losses.

We have more than a good shot with all other SEC programs with a coach and new culture only 20 months or so old now.

No way we can be one of three or four best teams in the country in such a short period of time.

But everyone else better look out because we can play with you and we are still a program on the rise for sure


Reality is setting in…

I’m afraid Kentucky is fixin in to make us look like the new commodores program down there in Athens today

Edit: Make us look like the new Kentucky football program. The commodores are in a league of their own. Let’s be reasonable here. Oh nevermind. What am I saying? This isn’t a joking matter… we were just in that Vanderbilt league if not worse a couple years ago. Still curious to see how a 11 ranked Kentucky compares to an 8th ranked Arkansas in Athens today