Importance of S&C...Florida Gator Lesson

I read a very good article on SEC Football News where Florida AD Scott Stricklin & new coach Dan Mullen would emphasize a tougher strength program. According to Stricklin, Florida was whipped badly on the line of scrimmage this year (O & D) and this was the main cause of the team’s demise and they would rectify this problem. Mullen told the players to rest up in December because starting in January it was going to be a lot tougher than previous years. Oh to have an AD that understood such shortcomings. Another note was the Florida S&C coach learned his craft by hanging out in gyms and was a body builder type rather than a football player builder type. Sound familiar.

If you’re talking about Herb, he played football at Wisconsin.

I doubt our problem was the S&C coach. I suspect it had to do with the players he had to work with. Nothing against them, but no matter who I went to as an S&C coach, I couldn’t line up against a mediocre HS lineman. It’s possible, but not likely the coach here.

The fact that Arkansas lost so many second half leads and had so many injuries makes questioning the strength and conditioning program legitimate in my opinion.

Maybe it was conditioning. Maybe it was lack of motivation. Probably a combination.

We definitely never got accused of over achieving like great Hog teams of the past (not in the last 5 years).

Herb may have been good in the big ten, but like bielema he was terrible in the SEC.

Our guys are not in shape, and certainly not in SEC shape. Looked like some of them ate Sunday’s instead of hitting the weights.

No, I was talking about Mike Kent, the Florida S&C Coach.

Also more from the article concerning S&C, the Florida AD said “I think it’s critical. It’s the backbone. I think any successful program has a really strong strength and conditioning program that builds accountability, and I think programs that aren’t as successful usually are lacking in that area,” he told reporters.

Florida, of course, was not successful this season and the Gators have been routinely dominated up front by physical defensive lines in recent seasons, be it Florida State, Alabama, Michigan, etc.

That, along with the Gators’ persistent injury woes, has led many fans to take whatever percentage of their ire wasn’t already focused on the offensive play-calling and the quarterback and direct it at strength and conditioning coach Mike Kent, a veteran of the business who followed former coach Jim McElwain from Colorado State to Florida”

Fortunately none of the above happened to the Hogs because our S&C played football at Wisconsin.