Importance of a top 4 seed at SEC Tournament

It’s great that we are guaranteed a top four seed next week. It obviously helps because you only have to win three games instead of four, but there is another reason that I haven’t seen anyone mention.

If you are the five seed, you have to play on Thursday against the winner of the 12 vs. 13 matchup. So you are forced to play a game against one of the worst teams in the league with terrible computer numbers. It’s a game that does nothing to help your tournament resume if you win, but would do serious damage if you lose (and the team you are playing is playing as if there’s no tomorrow because their season is over if they lose).

This is exactly what happened to us in 2014. We were the five seed and were right on the bubble and when we got upset by the 12 seed, it crushed any hopes we had of making it. Luckily, this year we don’t have to worry about that scenario. With the double bye we should get an opponent with decent computer numbers (or if they get upset and we have to play a 12 or 13 seed, at least it will be their third game in three days). Anyway, that’s just one more reason why it is really good that we don’t have to play until Friday.

Agreed. I’d prefer not to see LSU or Missouri again. Missouri has been playing better than their computer rankings the last few weeks. LSU has some talent. They are probably going to take somebody down before the season is over. That team should not have the record it has.

Johhny Jones made the decision to let his stud go early in the year for violation of teams rules and would not allow unethical conduct to rule. LSU would have been much better. I don’t want to play Misery either they might come up with another tribute. Oh course we could not throw the ball in the ocean in the first half of that game and that shot out of thier mind that day. There must have been an eclipse that day! You know it’s not your day when a team that shoots in the 30% range is over 50%. So there’s no way I want to play them.