Impact of Gus's decision to tease UA?

UA Powers decided to wait on a decision from Gus before hiring a Head Coach. Gus was using UA as his fall-back plan as many in Auburn wanted him fired.

The decision to wait on Gus delayed the hiring of a new coach by a couple weeks.

How much did the delay in hiring a coach damage Hogs recruiting (at least in the early signing period)?

It would be impossible to quantify, but IMO it’s safe to say that it did considerable damage due to the early signing period

Someday Gus may figure out, with this fiasco, he moved himself from the well thought of to the despised by Hog fans. He burned a bridge.

It was our decision to be teased. Not his to tease us. Let’s get that 100% straight. This was our own doing. Anyone with half a brain knew there was a very slim chance of him coming. Waste of time

I disagree. If he would have lost the iron bowl I honestly think he would have been the coach within days. Auburn fans were ready to let him walk. That win saved his job and got him the extension.

Us waiting till after the sec championship was stupid though.

Really? He has been despised by many Hog fans well before this fiasco. And not necessarily because of the Springdale 5 fiasco. His latest actions only reinforced what many already thought of him and burned bridges with some others.

In the big scheme of things, I don’t believe it has been that big of a factor

The new coaches got after it after they got here.

There were a couple of kids that were committed more to the former staff than they were the School.

I’m happy that Gus stayed in Auburn. I can’t stand him for many reasons and could not believe he was even consider.
When Auburn fires him I hope he ends up like Gene Chizik. Just another idiot that got fired by Auburn.
Coach Morris and the partial staff he has have done a good job in my eyes hitting it hard and trying to keep hope for a decent class.
For all of the posters to note next year should be a throw away for a new coach but it was never thrown away for CBB.
With that in mind I’m hoping Coach Morris can bring home 7 or 8 wins.
Next year will be the class I’ll be looking at to judge recruiting not this one.

Good post Army Hog!

Good post, I was never a Gus fan but I sure thought he would be our next coach and I have a feeling the administration thought he would be our next coach and in turn we ended up turning to coach Morris. I defended CBB this last year due to all the injuries,but was quickly put in my place by a poster who said CBB was fully responsible for everything that happens being that he was the head coach. So I can only assume that no matter how well or how poorly we play next season it’s all on the head coach no matter what the circumstances may be. I truly feel that CCM is walking into a better situation than what CBB inherited, but that’s water under the bridge. Our recruiting would be doing better if we had a DC in place along with others, I hope the guy we are waiting on to become DC doesn’t “Gussie “ us and make us pick through the left overs. But I guess it best to just leave it alone or not to put to much thought into it, as it seems to be a couple of the popular phrases used on this forum of late. Good luck to CCM and the Razorbacks and hope for a strong early recruiting period. WPS

I’m not sure how anyone can reach that conclusion. You can say it was a mutual decision, but it’s much easier to get teased than it is to do the teasing. Every guy who ever had the hots for some girl knows this. It’s true we were vulnerable because we’ve had some fans & boosters who’ve wanted him forever, but he could have easily told us no from the beginning.