Impact of finishing 11th in SEC

We have to be the biggest mid-season disappointment in the SEC, and among those in the nation. But, we finished where the pundits said we would - just not a very good team. Most of our wins were either at home or against patsies - not good enough for a team in the SEC this year.

Competed in most every game, but in the end lack of depth and size, plus Joe’s injury did them in.

No height, no depth, 2nd leading scorer out 5 games. Kids played their guts out. With not much bench help they are probably getting wore down.

3 guards scored 62 of the 69 total pts.

So who gets the first round bye? Us or Missouri?

Missouri, we play Vandy On Wednesday, and FL on Thursday (Miss St ended up as the 4 seed).

Assuming we beat Vandy?

The Arkansas-Vanderbilt winner will play South Carolina on Thursday in the late game.

Remember that this year’s standings don’t affect the 2020-21 SEC/Big 12 Challenge. The teams are determined from the standings two years before, so Arkansas wouldn’t be able to play in the challenge in 2021-22.

I think this is a much better draw bc we weren’t going to beat Tam and we could beat SC if we take care of business against Vandy

They gave all they had! That’s all we could ask for. With Vanover and Williams next year there’s some rim protection in the pipeline. KK I hope is able to help at point! There’s 4 good players on the way!

Yep, correct, don’t know why I thought we’d play FL. Better matchup IMO

I said on here a few times now, I fully expect both KK and Davis to be splitting time at the point by SEC play next year. KK is so smooth, reminds me of Lee Mayberry, and Davis is just underrated and underestimated. Both kids will be quality players for us (I think sooner rather than later).

I also, believe Williams is underrated. I agree with Dudley, I think he’s a prototypical stretch 4 in the NBA, but I think he’s perfect to play the 5 with Vanover, or that stretch 4 with Henderson (I just have a feeling Chaney and Harris won’t be here next year, could be wrong).

I think how much we see Moses will be based off how much of a break Joe and Jones need (assuming all three will be here). And before anyone says anything yes, Moody is the highest ranked and projected the highest (late first round) of any player next year, but I think the only two positions that are safe next year is Joe and Jones’, the exact positions Moody will play in this system.

Won’t it be nice to see the CEM have options?
There will be a few transfers! I hope Jones and Joe come back and play next year. Moody will impact and make a difference. Point guard will be an up grade Davis and KK can score and create for others.
Just being able to see CEM land the players in this recruiting class makes me feel positive about the future of Hog Ball!

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