Impact Big enters transfer portal

That would be huge for whoever picks him up, assuming he doesn’t stay in the draft. JWill would have to fight for his minutes if we got him, although I guess JW could also play a stretch 4; Kofi does not shoot treys AT ALL. Unfortunately he doesn’t shoot free throws much better. But our DPG would go way up, which should make Gas happy (at least 78 dunks last season according to a Twitter feed that tracked his dunks, which suggests to me someone had way too much time on his hands).

And guess where the two Illini assistant coaches are now who worked with him last year?


No guarantee that’s where he’ll end up, but we’ll see.

Never rule out anything with Squid, but I don’t know where he’d put him.

They have four incoming transfers, three high school signees, a 5-star big that could reclassify and join them this year, and seven returning players … that’s 15. He only gets 13. One of those returnees is still exploring the draft, but even if he leaves and the big stays in high school, they’re still at the limit.

Dunks should be in the box score.

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Assists for dunks are counted. Why not dunks?

I track dunks for each Arkansas player as part of my shot charts, so if you’re ever curious feel free to ask


I think you can put in a standing request from Gashog to report dunk totals.

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For what it’s worth…

I really need to learn how to embed a tweet.

Just copy the tweet URL and paste it.

He will get drafted

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