I would give each 2 qb’s a chance this week. Actually a qt eaach. Mat 2 and a half. Then if needed move on to the freshmen. IMO TY and Cole just don’t have it. Times running out. Let the pups play. Circle the wagon as stated as we have a great class at this point coming in. Let the freshmen play as the new starting QB will be on campus next year.

Hawg Slinger.

I think the QB’s would look better if gave them more high % passes to complete.this OL is not going to hold up throwing the hail marys IMO,Just need to move the chains.

I agree. I understand throwing some deep balls to loosen a D, but Cole wasn’t close on any he threw last week. He was so far off, I just considered them wasted plays. However, I am not a coach so if they say they had some reason to call those plays, I’ll defer to them, but as a layman, it looked like we would’ve been better off with runs or shorter passes.

So Ty can’t make THE PASS. Some he can but the 3rd and 12. Need a 14-15 yard bullet or on the money pass, he can’t make it and neither QB can Run his way to pass the chains. I have seen 1 play by each QB make that run. Where we need that done on every drive or every other drive. A player like Johnny FB. (NOT character wise.)

I may have misunderstood this post, so if I did, let me apologize in advance. However, I don’t understand the rush to let the freshmen play (I’m with you: I’m not convinced Ty or Cole are the answer), but the true starter next year will be Jefferson? So, what’s the rush in getting the freshmen to play this year if neither one of them is going to be the starter next year? I’m OK with the freshmen playing and want to see them play if they’re ready, but at this point I think we are 0-for-5 in the QB room. That may not be the case with a little maturity later in the year or next year.

Rotating quarter by quarter is not the way to go. I would much rather give them the game and let them settle in. There will be a time to move on to the freshmen if the older ones continue to struggle. But maybe it’s not just yet.