IMO, what's your call?

IMO, not going for it was a really bad call… (Punt)

most Gutless call I have ever seen especially against a defense that pathetic! cost us the game we get it there we drive down and score game over!!

I could not believe we did not go for it. Just line Kelley up behind center and let him fall for it.

It was legitimately one of the most baffled calls I’ve ever seen.

Pinned them deep. Stopped getting stops.

Go for it and fail, Morris is pilloried.

Punt and still win the game, nobody remembers.

Go for it and succeed, still have an offense running out of steam and a kicker who is suddenly (again) very limited.

Going for it would not necessarily have changed the game. It’s just something for people to pick on. It’s really not very normal to go for it with a big lead on your own side of the 50 when your homestanding opponent is desperately looking for any break you’ll give.

It did not lose us the game, but I agree it was gutless. Defense giving up 25 points at the end is what lost us the game. Between penalties and out of position players.

Still say this shows more about our coach and character than any moment last night.
No killer mentality. Now you talk about trouble. Chad just got started. Also I didn’t like his answer.
IMO no matter who made the call he should have manned up ( because he is the HC) and said I made the call or this is what we thought so I decided to punt.
LOST a lot of character. Just gave a a ho hum answer. As stated I feel for the kids not this staff.
I guess Noland R was the last coach in BB and Biker boy that backed up what they said.
I had a post deleted due to words like this but bottom line our calls the last year sure have cost a ton of money.
41 years giving and 1 NC in the major 3. Right or wrong Chad will might not ever live this down, at least around here for a long time.

4-8 MMmmm CM may never admit this but I bet he wished he had those words back. Actually that’s what I think it should be. NOT going to change anytime soon.

Back to the issue---------WE don’t have a board problem we have a QB problem #1

A lack of courage by our coaches to go for it on 4th down. MANY have said that did not coast us the game. I beg to differ. That’s a huge teaching moment and show of strength by the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS as a team. Our HC as much said guys it’s 6 inches. We are AV’ing 6 yards per carry Chad should tell his team to go "Blow them out of the water! But instead OL you just don’t have it.

Another one JC did you notice #11 playing for the other team?? JUST to name a few…

Punting and pinning the other team on the 4 yard line was an outstanding and the correct call. If our defense held, and the odds were they would, we would have won, but the defense didn’t hold.

I thought he would go for it
appreciated his reasoning at the time

I had a CSU fan tell me it was the turning point in the game and he couldn’t believe we didn’t go for it… we never got further downfield after that
“the” play of the game in my mind was the 3rd down play when they were pinned back on their goal line… but they made one play another
magical really

that play was one of many that had to happen I believe for the comeback and “upset” to occur

it was a perfect script for a magical memorable historic victory for the home team

credit to CSU for making plays
spectacular plays
one after another

could not help but think at end of first half
we did actually come to paint

I essentially agree with this. There was a debate at my watch party table about this, and I was the only one who said I thought we should punt. At that point in the game, I feared giving them a short field more than I did giving them the ball deep in their own territory. I (a) was not very confident that we would convert on offense; and (b) thought we would hold them if we pinned them deep (again, at that point in the game). Yes - I knew they had moved the ball well the last series. But that doesn’t mean that EVERY series their going to score.

Well - they did. So now, knowing the result - sure, I’d go for it. But NOT knowing the result, I think punting was the right call.

On another point. When they had the ball deep in our territory late in the game, I thought our only chance was to let them score a TD. It’s better than having them keep the ball and kick what is essentially an extra point as time runs out. So what did we do? Their runner takes the ball through us like swiss cheese UNTIL he gets inside the 2, and then we tackle him. So, when they score, we only have time for one play when we get the ball. We should have just let him score once it became a situation when we had no more time outs and the clock was such that they could run it down.

The call was baffling but CCM thought the game was over at that point considering what our defense had done to CS for most of the game. It does reveal a mindset of conservative coaching which you can’t have at Arkansas to do well over time because most weekends in the SEC we don’t have the best players. Say what you want about BP, but he had the best killer instinct that ever coached here. This staff has a huge learning curve and just got introduced to the tip of the iceberg and that wall of ice will only get bigger and bigger as we jump into a really loaded SEC West. We don’t have a single QB (playing) right now that can handle the nuances of this offense and the running ability to maximize the options. I hope CMM gives a couple of these freshmen a look and take our lumps the rest of the year but he won’t because he’s too conservative. Winning three games or five is very little difference to me and is worth the pain setting up future success. I will say this about CCM and this staff, the team played hard and didn’t lay down (I believe the altitude did play a role for us in the fourth quarter coupled with our usual lack of depth). The loss didn’t hurt like they used to, my passion has been numbed by the last six years and I need to keep telling myself that CCM didn’t have a thing to do with what has led up to this point.