Have a drop off in the # of people on HI all throughout the day and night.

Since the 2 Super reporters left the Online (64) at the moment has declined. I have been watching this for a couple of months and the numbers are down. I should have a count total. I wonder if the posts have declined?

PS compliments can be posted here. For the Old guard and the New!

it’s also a slow time of the year


I read the forums and articles on an iPhone. If I’m logged in then close the Safari web browser, I’m still logged in when I reopen Safari.

I don’t know if I’m counted as being online when I’m not online.

I am still logging on every day. I will miss Clay and Dudley’s writing but this is still, by far, the best site for Razorback information. I will not be going anywhere.


It’s July 15, too early for talking season, SEC media days, etc. It’s too late for baseball, softball, basketball, et al.


I’ve also thought about this. I haven’t logged out of the forums in years. Maybe a mod can answer if that means I show up as logged in to the site 24 hours a day?

I can read all the front page news and forum content when logged out too.

Other than no HI magazine or being able to post on the forums, I wonder how many subscribers they are losing or never signed up because content isn’t blocked — at least on my iPhone it isn’t; never has been.

If I am not logged in, much content is bloked

Not for me:

Yeah, I can see them, but I can read a max of 3 articles

Not me losing money. I’ve mentioned this to a moderator before but guess they aren’t worried about losing subscribers.

Not my loss

Not me. I just checked. I logged out of forum and main pages then clicked on every story on the main page and all opened.

Are you on a PC or laptop?

both do it for me and have for years.

Yep. My thoughts exactly. Nothing much going on.

This is vacation time for media folks. It has always been that way. Slowest time of year.

I know there are future classes to begin on for Sam and basketball still has both current and future recruiting to work on, not to mention the other sports but with the football Hogs closing in on a pretty full class and the hoopsters having a young roster (albeit a bunch with near term professional prospects) it seems only natural that some of the news would slow down for a while. Certainly the HI staff needs time to recharge, but I guess the expectations created by the strong reporting in the past has us hungry for more.

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All the success on the hill has also really fed the hunger for more information.

Slow time of the year - I see Dudley’s work on another forum and have been following the forums as our buddy Clay has been posting some good stuff since he ‘retired’

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