IMO we have to be much more aggessive tonight

we took way too many pitches last night and allowed that kid to get ahead inthe count and why he K’d 10 in 5 inn but he made just enough mistakes for us to hurt him.

Doxakis will not make those mistakes if we allow him to get ahead in the count we must attack him early while he is trying to get ahead if not he will be very tough to score on so hopefully we come out swinging put a good swing or 2 on him and get ahead early.

Both coaches agreed that the A&M pitchers only made a few mistakes and we capitalized on most of them. There are lots of pitches that they want you to swing at. Fastballs that are barely strikes in places where it is hard to get the barrel on the ball with power, off speed pitches that are strikes but the batters timing on them is way off, high fast balls that look really tempting but are hard to catch up with, and pitches that look like strikes but drop or curve out of the zone by the time they reach the plate. If that is all the pitcher is throwing, you can swing early or late, it doesn’t matter, you will be hitting ground balls to the infield, pop ups, and mostly striking out. That is why Hall of Fame hitters were unsuccessful 2/3 of the time they were at bat. It ain’t that easy.

Van Horn wants them working the pitcher, getting his pitch count up, and waiting for a good pitch to drive. If those come early in the count, they should hit early, but don’t swing early no matter what they are throwing. That is just making it too easy on their pitcher.

IMO the Pitcher will try to throw a strike on one of the 1st 2 Pitches to avoid falling behind in the count. There are a lot of pitchers who have batting averages against them much much higher on the first couple of pitches because of that… we let him throw some very good pitches and he got ahead in the count and then threw what he wanted to throw and we swung at it or sometimes took it for strike 3 why he had way more strikeouts than he normally does.Quality of pitches seen more important than quantity to me you let the picther get ahead of you have much less chance of getting a hit.

We’ve been aggressive, but it hasn’t worked out too well.