IMO Wally wrote one of the better articles

of his career

Maybe but that is such a low bar

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Agree completely!
Every now and then the squirrel finds a nut.

I stopped reading Smally Balls back sometime around 95-96. I was in the student section at Bud Walton and we were giving him grief because he actually showed up to watch the game before he wrote about it. There had been several previous articles that made us question if he had even watched the same game we did before he wrote his articles. He got pissed at us, turned around from his seat on press row and gave us the finger. Obviously he didn’t like being called out on his articles. Anyways, never read another thing he wrote unless by accident when I opened an article online and didn’t realize it was him. As soon as I did, I closed it. I just don’t care for his particular brand of tripe.

Reading Wally a complete waste of time. Scribe is delusional. Main reason I’m not re-upping Demo-Gazette


I hope you realize there is much more to our coverage than one column, and that you’ll reconsider.

_ally _all does NOT write articles. He writes opinion pieces. I refuse to read them.

I love the rest of the coverage and I’m just sorry that he has anything to do with the Demozette.

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