Imo Thursday is the biggest game so far.

I think winning Thursday is a must because if they beat Campbell we could be in trouble because they are throwing two left-handers at us the next 2 days and we have not hit them well all year and also because of our uncertainty with Noland and now scroggins not throwing well last weekend. The bullpen is in disarray this could blow up on us quickly. Hopefully Campbell will come out and give us seven strong innings and Cronin can close out the last two.I hope Kopps is in top form this weekend because we are definitely going to need him…

Good analogy Yard but let’s not panic yet. I think our team just thought a gimmie was in the making and UALR had a chip on their shoulder and a couple of studs who hadn’t produced yet just came alive.
I agree pitching is crucial and some are slumping but the talent is still the same as it was starting the season and they were dominant.
Let the coaches do their work. I would be more worried if it were anyone else but DVH trying to right the ship.
Relax buddy.

Not sure which of you is right. I’m leaning with youdaman, but prefer to go with jimbeau. I admit I’d be more worried if anyone other than DVH were our coach. We’ve had 3 losses in a row & the last two were as ugly as any I’ve seen us have. Worse than the 2nd Texas game when you consider who was pitching. At least pitchers can be rearranged when one gets hot & another loses it. The fielding was awful, though. Fortunately, I don’t think that will continue. I don’t know what happened, but I’ve never seen us bobble, stumble, & drop like I did last night. I mean ever. Not all in one game.

I love and trust DVH,think he is great, but just afraid if they beat Campbell Thurs it might be a physological let down and we have had trouble with LH all yr so I wouldn’t like our chances after a thurs loss but if we come and spank Burns that will put the pep back in our step…Looking forward to seeing how we respond…

Thursday is big! After last night the hogs RPI dropped 7 spots. There’s no advantage for the hogs playing Litle Rock or UAPB! Especially when the hogs lay an egg.
Campbell has pitched really well this season so far and the team is leaning on him for sure but it’s about time for the other pitchers to step up and perform as well!
These next 3 weeks will show us a lot about our young hogs and if it’s just a pipe dream to play to play in post season and host a regional.

Agree there is a lot weight on Campbell’s shoulders right now. As long as he doesn’t regress like he would do at times last year all should be good and he will dominate.
It’s time for some bats to wake up against these lefties plain and simple.
As for the mental fielding errors that should be fixed ASAP, for as bad as they looked against UALR, they have been oustsandingly just the opposite this year also. Mental, mental, mental.