IMO this is huge for Sam

I have no idea about the STUPID rules about recruting in FB. When?

When can you buy them bubble gum.

Talk to them. Smile, Call the Hogs.

JUST all these important RULES!!!

But the time has finally come that taking a recuite to the ADDED advantage

of BASKETBALL GAME time has come!! Go Hogs!! Fans going crazy.

I bet Muss thinks he hit the lotto. Now’s your chance Pitt Boss!


I really think with Briles and Odom, we have a chance to go Bowling next year !

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339, I mean this with all due respect, but most of the time I simply cannot understand your posts. They’re borderline cryptic, and I don’t have the correct Rosetta Stone.

Or maybe I’m just “more denser” than most folks. :flushed:

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I agree Piggus. It’s semi-stream of consciousness, but the stream is like one of those disappearing streams (aka, sinking stream), that drops below the stream bed only to reappear farther downstream.

Sorry guys.

It’s really simple, Sam Pittman is our new FB coach Correct?

I think some Basketball games will be played and some FB recuits will maybe have a chance to see a basketball game.

Our basketball team is finally having a good year. Next year should be even better.

Would your think just maybe that might sway 1 FB player decide to come to our school???

That any better. THE LOUD and crazy suppoortive Fans!

If not what do you not understand??

If not I’ll just stop posting.

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Did you read my reply?

Nice car BTW!

I think all the FB coaches have used our basketball games as recruiting tools, certainly take recruits to BB games. Now that our BB team is winning and the coach is involving fans, it should be more effective than it has been the last 20 years.


Nice good answer. Maybe the 44 years of giving to the foundation hasn’t driven me crazy…

I think I’ll just sign off and move on.LOL

Certainly RD or DD would have a better perspective on this, as they frequently converse with FB recruits. Having said that, my thought?..

A winning BB team generally draws larger/louder crowds, and that would seem to be preferable to having a losing team and lots of empty seats for a FB recruit visit. I just don’t have a gut feel on how much impact that would really have on a recruit.

But it certainly couldn’t hurt, right?

Sorry for the delay in responding. (I put my phone down when having dinner with my wife.)

And thnx; unfortunately it was mine for only that one day.

I didn’t have a problem deciphering 339’s original post. But I have been fond of his thoughts on here for several years now.
I’m not the most intellectual guy around here but I can read between the lines pretty well.

I am anxious to see who the Strength coach will be

Hang in there 339. I enjoy your contributions.

Your passion for the Hogs is unwavering.

Merry Christmas!

That’s the truth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Merry Christmas Jimbeau

I understood but then I am old and wierd. I think it is a help. Shows sport and all that. Besides, it is fun .

Just a little historical note. When Frank decided to upgrade the B.B. program, Eddie, he said it was in part to assist FB recruiting

I’m not the most intellectual guy around here

That’s the truth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I stayed at a Holiday Inn once, :tongue:


Frank may have assembled his very best group of football prospects in 74 and 75. I sure liked them.