IMO the interior of OL will make or break us

I know a lot of people look at the OT position and think its the most important in pass protection but I always made sure I had 3 very good OL at the C and OG spots b/c if you don’t you have no chance at pass protection(shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line theory).The OT position is indeed a crucial position but only if the interior can create a space for the QB to step up in otherwise they will have to escape sideways right into the arms of DE.

This is an area I have a big ? about b/c I haven’t seen enough good things from Clary to think he’s an SEC OL same for Capps(going to miss Froholdt IMO) I think Cunningham(will be great sooner than later) will get the other OG spot or maybe Capps but irregardless you will have 3 players that are very untested in very crucual positions b/c they are a huge part of the run game as well.

I will be looking forward to seeing how they play but keep an eye out and watch them closely in Pass Pro and if they are not creating a clear throwing lane for the QB we were in big trouble and hopefully they will, now i expect the ball to come out quicker this yr which will be a huge benefit for the OL but to maximize this offense’s potential we are going to throw deep and that is where we will have to see major improvements from last yr.

Nailed It Youda.
Another year in the system has me optimistic if the injury bug doesn’t bite us early.

yes the 2nd yr is huge for sure and am ready to see how we have improved.

I’m looking forward to watching Clary, hopeful that he has a very good season…which I think he can achieve. He’s been behind the 8 ball since his true freshman season…which he began as a walkon. I’m confident that many of his challenges from his freshman season have been overcome by two years of training and weights, and now a second spring and summer with Morris et al.

Like Capps, I think we’ll rue the day he ends his career after four seasons …when he should have redshirted.

Clary problem IMO is being physical enough to block SEC DL,he admitted he has trouble being aggressive and if i am not mistaken he started camp at 285 so we will see how he does,he will definently be more prepeared having played last yr and in his 2nd yr in the system…hope he can get it done b/c it is a very crucial position on the OL.

Good discussion point and I always enjoy Youdaman’s takes. He and watch the game in similar fashion. We both focus on the inside more than most others do.

But, I don’t agree so much in that I think the OL is always as strong as your weakest link. It could be on the outside or the inside and be a problem. I’m not saying either is a problem right now, but anywhere you are weak on the OL will eventually be exposed.

And, I have always thought that tackle is the most important position on the team. Now, in the old days, tackles on defense played against tackles on offense. Your defensive ends were more like outside linebackers and I’m mainly talking about the 5-2. This is the 4-3. And, so you have two defensive ends that are pretty much opposite the offensive tackles.

All things being equal or close at quarterback, the team that dominates with their offensive tackles or their defensive ends (or both) will win. It’s an axiom that I still believe stands strong.

No doubt about the fact that on the offensive line you have a weak spot it will definitely be recognized the only point I was making is that if your weak spot is it guard or center they’re on top of the quarterback much quicker then a DE on a TE whose in a wide 9 technique a lot of times and it allows the quarterback no room to step up which is how they avoid the rush of the DE most of the time.that’s why you have quarterback coaches always having drills where the QB steps up in the pocket they are counting on not having pressure from the inside. But I totally agree with you and that if you have a weak offensive tackle you’re going to be in trouble hopefully we can provide a clean pocket this year because we definitely have the athletes.

Narrator: They hadn’t

They got better, Boyd rushed for over a 1000 yards and we didn’t give up near as many sacks but we are not to the quality that it will take for us to gain ground on the elite teams above us. Pittman coming in will bring in bigger more athletic OL, then we will have to mesh them with what’s left over. I think in two years you will see a very good offensive line

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Boyd should show his running abilities more this year upcoming and be more looked at by the Pro scouts. I am sure he saw the potential for going higher up in the NFL draft after the 2020 season. The OL play and coaching will be a big plus for Boyd in 2020.