IMO, the Hogs are in the bottom 3 teams in conference in talent

(and depth). This isn’t a knock on players as it more of a testament to how good the coaching staff is. Not only have we been low on SEC talent but I think we have also whiffed on a couple of players the last 2 classes. Maybe cut down on so many walk-ons?


I disagree we are better than SC, Missouri, Vandy, for sure. I also we are better than Tennessee and LSU. We are probably better than MSU but we will find that out next week.

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He’s talking talent, not caliber of team. He’s mostly right. These walk-on linebackers and corners we have try hard, but they are not really big, fast SEC players. I’d just like to occasionally have a linebacker like Owen Pappoe of Auburn. He’s a stud.


Correct - thanks

It is pretty obvious we are getting everything out of the players we have and more. It is an uphill battle and if you go look at the recruiting rankings for the next two classes it doesn’t get any easier.


Agree that we need to upgrade our talent. Agree that our coaching staff is really good, and has done a good job. But totally disagree that we are in the bottom 3 of SEC in talent and depth.

We are not as talented nor as deep as 2 of the 3 teams that beat us (and probably not as talented nor as deep as A&M)….but, there is a razor thin margin of difference (if any) between us and Ole Miss.

Vanderbilt, Missouri, South Carolina, probably Tennessee, and probably Mississippi State have neither more overall talent nor more depth than us.

Judging talent should include current performance. Not recruiting rankings and not if said player was a walk on. Grant Morgan is certainly not in the bottom third of SEC linebacker talent, regardless of when he was awarded a scholarship. Same for Hayden Henry.

We do have really good coaches. But so does most every team we play (I love our coaches, but we got out coached against Auburn). Point is, our coaches aren’t the ONLY reason for our success this season.

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The Hogs have a long, long way to go talent wise to be where they need be. Defense has very few SEC level players. They have one wide receiver. The drop off from there is great. The O backfield is SEC all the way, but the Oline is not. It is ok, but not up to SEC standards.


We have to do whatever it takes to upgrade our talent. The NCAA is worthless. Look what Ole Piss did and nothing happened to them.

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I agree with the original posts and Pittman and his staff knows he needs to add additional talent. This is not a negative on the young men that have chosen my alma mater.

I am blessed to get to go to a few games each year and watch other great football schools. As the saying goes, we need more jimmy’s and Joe’s. We need to get a several more studs with an upgrade in talent on both sides of the ball that go play their ass off like Morgan does and we will have something.


The CSP era is still in its infancy and I continue to believe he’s the guy for the job. Recruiting and coaching up your players is the only way to get where you want to be, if you do things the right way. Half the teams in the top twenty five would be lucky to be in the same place we are if they played our schedule and had a head coach with one year experience and came in behind our previous coach. To be clear I am not bashing CM, he was thrown to the wolves before he was ready to coach in the Sec especially after what he inherited. I think we will prove we’re not in the bottom three next weekend. WPS

You are wrong about the OL. Very top tier of the SEC? No, but in the top half and that makes us SEC caliber.

Cut down on walkons? Never.

You have only 85 scholarships. To get to a 120 roster, you always take walkons.

Recruiting is more than just getting high 4-star and 5-star talent. It’s been proven that high 3-star and solid 4-star players, in their 4th and 5th seasons, can be equal to, or better than, young 5 star talent.

If the coaching staff has done a great job identifying and recruiting those players who can be developed into “5-star players” in their 4th and 5th seasons, you can build a very good winning football program with great player leadership.

I wish we didn’t use terms like “Walk on,” “5 Star,” “3 Star,” etc. after they become RAZORBACKS.

There has to be a way to describe them.

This is the system in place.

I don’t see anything with it, especially knowing there is a grading system in life and not just sports.


Yes, and labeling people as black, white, male, female, straight, etc. seems to be dividing our country.

Divide and conquer.

An SEC line does not allow the kind of pressure we have seen on the QB. An SEC line can and will make a yd anytime it wishes. It should be able to say we are coming right here and still make a yd on the snap count. They play hard and are a vast improvement, but they are not what an SEC line should be.

Q: Bob Davis is a wide receiver from Amagon, Arkansas that the Razorbacks got a commit from over the weekend. How good is he?

Me: Pretty good, 6-1, 180, 4.4, one of the best Amagon players of all time.

Q: But how does he compare to other players around the country?

Me: I have not seen all of the players around the country, just the ones around Jackson County.

Q: Do you known anybody that has?

Me: Yes, and those people rank him as a 3-star on a 5-star system.

Q: Will he be on scholarship?

Me: We eliminated the terms walk on and non-scholarship player. So he’ll just be a Razorback.

Q: Are those ranking people ever wrong?

Me: Yes, but they are right far more than they are wrong.

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Notice I said, “After they become Razorbacks.”

Sorry to offend you.

You did not offend me.

And I understood your premise.

I was just illustrating how it is the simplest way we have right now to describe and envision future success when they are high school players and then become Razorbacks.