IMO it's time to look to the future

I just find it funny how quickly people turn on kids, especially our own in-state kids. Followed Ty Storey high career and his recruitment and Hog fans were all over him claiming him to be the next big thing and he was going to be the greatest thing to happen to Razorback football, now after his first start he belongs at UCA and you guys can’t wait for him to transfer. Some people really give you the reminder that fan is short for fanatic.

It’s not turning on anybody… it’s being realistic about performance and ability to perform in the future The kid does not have an SEC arm and that’s the reason he did not play last year and came in to this year as the backup.

I was on here reading comments and articles on here from last week, and you guys said Storey was the answer and looked really good. Now, today, he doesn’t belong in the SEC, and we need to put the back-up freshman QB’s in that got beat out by the 2 QB’s that belong at UCA. That makes all the sense in the world.

If you can find a post from me saying TS or CK was the answer please repost it. Friendly hint…you’ll be looking for awhile.

If 1 quarter of good play makes you the answer, you haven’t watched enough football. Storey did have a good quarter of football last week, but if you go back and rewatch he underthrew several of the big plays, and the WRs had to adjust. He doesn’t have the arm. My gut feeling was t was a fluke, and I was right. He just doesn’t have what it takes, nothing against him, 99% of the country doesn’t have what it takes to play in the SEC.

I don’t think either is the answer to the future. That said, though, how different would this conversation be had the pass been ruled a TD as it appeared and Arkansas had built a 34-9 lead. Or if they had went for it on fourth-and-1 and made it. Or if we had not emptied the backfield and let CSU know Cole had to throw the football on 3rd-and-6. I thought he played decently (not a world-beater but good enough to win the game), but the Hogs lost and now it’s all about the future.

I agree with Dudley and others about rotating the new QBs in gradually but one of the three needs to get a couple of series against NTSU if at all possible; however, if none of them are ready, waiting on Ole Miss at home seems to be reasonable.

This upcoming stretch of Auburn, A&M and Bama reminds me of a guantlet Petrino faced early on of Bama, Texas (Colt McCoy days) and Florida, can’t remember if that was with Brandon Allen freshman season or not. Anyway it was brutal, finished 0-3 although the Hogs were competitive in the Florida game. I think lots of young Hogs got some good experience and paid dividends later.


Took me 15 seconds to find this. There’s several most individual post/threads saying how well he did. And there’s articles posted on this site as well. Plus there’s other boards. Do I need to post those as well, probably would take me all of 2 minutes.

What’s your point with this post?

He asked me to find a post where someone was saying TS was the answer. And I did. That was just from last week, and there’s several more like it LOL. My whole point remains the same, he was the man last week and received praise from the majority of the fanbase, now this week people are coming out and saying he’s bad and needs to transfer. Not a hard concept to grasp.

I said you won’t find ME find saying either is or will be the answer. In fact, if you search my post history far enough back you’ll see me saying we’d better hope either Noland or JSJ are ready to play.

I did not say someone… I said me. I was at the game against E Illinois listening to my brother act as if TS was the second coming of John Elway and I told him we were in serious trouble at QB.

Hate this is the case, but we are 14 out of 14 in terms of starting QB talent. Only Tennessee is comparable.

Seems pretty convenient for you. If he does well, you give him praise like you did last week, he does bad, you come back later and say you had a gut feeling it was a fluke. So you have both bases covered. Nice job. You my friend would make a great politician.

Yeah it’s not disputed that some people said he was the answer. That doesn’t mean they have any idea what they were talking about. We have a pretty unrealistic fan base. 1 good quarter may get you the starting job, but it does not mean you are the answer by anymeans. Anyone who’s watched Storey closely had to be at least a little skeptical that it was a fluke of a quarter. Then top that with the return to the traditional deer in the headlight look we saw yesterday.

Give him praise?

I said it looked like he took Kelley’s starting spot.

And that is 100% factual statement. He had a good quarter, but I was certainly not crowning him a savior like you are trying to say. I’ve thought for years he wasn’t good enough to play in the SEC.

You my friend have absolutely horrible reading comprehension skills.

You are correct, you did say you specifically, I misread that. However, I thought we were talking about the general perceptions. The general perception by most Hog fans last week was Storey looked good and he was the future, now all across Hog boards and social media people are ragging on him. I’m just trying to figure out how someone goes from being the man last week to needing to transfer the next week.

Also, I find it very convenient, that you guys had “gut feelings” and told “your brother” how bad he was yet didn’t want to share that until after he has a bad game.

I’ve got 2 degrees that say different :slight_smile: But, if it makes you feel better to say that and rag on a kid after a bad game, by all means carry on.

Again, if you search my posts you’ll never find a positive post from me about CK and TS as players. You’ll also find me in the summer asking about the possibility of a grad transfer or one of the true frosh playing.

I asked these questions because I had and still have zero faith in TS or CK being quality SEC QBs.


This is an example of my thinking on CK which is less than positive. And it’s higher than my opinion of TS.

You’re really fixated on this convenient tag.

Should I post my every feeling in each player?

It’d be much quicker for me to y’all you the players I do feel good about.

I was more focused last week on how bad the OL and run game looked.

Oh, wow, 2 degrees.

Because obtaining a degree is the tell all in this situation. Lol

Once again, he’s not a kid to me, I’m not dragging him through the mud, I’m staring very obvious things to anyone whos watched him over the past several years. He doesn’t have what it takes. Neither do I, life goes on.