IMO it's time to look to the future

I have never really thought either QB was the future and have said many times I thought Noland was our best option based on what i had seen on tape but iregardless of who it is we need to look ahead and let them take their lumps and prepare for next yr…

We have absolutely nothing to lose we are very likely going to start out 1-6 at best 2-5.

Agree 100% - fans will turn and turn hard if you keep trotting out the two upperclassmen who have demonstrated, clearly, they are overmatched.

Fans are more likely to stomach a 1-6 start if youth is served and they can see a Coach is building towards the future.

It is obvious that we need to commit to rebuilding from now on. The Oline needs a mobile QB in the pocket and it will be painfully obvious in SEC play. Commit to developing the Trio of freshmen. Start Storey then rotate the trio of Hyatt, Noland and Jones; because they should not be starting as it is overwhelming for your first few starts. Storey could start so he can catch fire if possible AND our coaches could determine the personnel match ups for the OLine and if our WR’s and TE’s care about blocking. I would go with Hyatt first in the rotation since he has a little more maturity and some snaps under his belt.

There is no “ catching fire” with the upperclassmen Not…Happening. It’s not a matter of want to, hard work, leadership, etc.

It’s talent level… pure and simple.

While I agree with you, I have to admit I am trying to be somewhat hopeful that we don’t have to put it all on the trio of Hyatt, Noland and Jones. I don’t want them to have to be THE man against AU, A&M, Bama and OM to start SEC play. After those games, the game should slow down for 1 of the trio to rise to the top.

I am totally fine putting a freshman quarterback out there because you have to learn how to fail before you learn how to win. Experience is always the greatest teacher in learning how to be successful. I say go out there let them learn on the job which will prepare them immensely for a full season next year

Yeahp. It’s Time go Storey and Kelleyto pack their bags.

They have both peaked, neither are getting better and both belong at UCA. Not U of A.

My My how the times have changed, I’ve seen some many people bashing Ty Storey and Cole Kelley, but when they were recruits so many claiming how they were the future and how great they were, especially Storey. No need to bash the kids for bad play calling Ty Storey was a very highly rated QB that could have played anywhere in the country. He had offers from both Alabama and Auburn, I’ll trust that Gus and Saban knows what an SEC Caliber QB looks like. Now after 2 games he belongs at UCA… cut it out man. As some point you have to look at who’s developing the kids, you see kids every single year look bad under one coach transfer to another program and look amazing.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter what offers he did or did not have. Neither would start for another team in the SEC. Not close…

Does not mean they are bad kids or teammates.

The coaches have said they are going to play both freshmen this season - in large part because of the new redshirt rule.

The timing when this happens is going to be interesting.

I’ve always thought it might be in game 7 when Arkansas hosts Ole Miss in Little Rock on Oct. 13.

That’s after Alabama and before home games with Tulsa and Vanderbilt.

You could then make a decision one way or the other on the last two regular season games at Mississippi State and Missouri.

But because Cole looked bad in game one and Ty looked bad in came two, the timetable may be moved up.

It would also be wise to see what Daulton Hyatt could give you first.

I think they thought CK and TS’s experience gave them the best chance to get to 3-0 which was essential to have a chance to get to a bowl game.

That’s now out the window and a bowl game is not happening and everybody knows it.

Hence, the reason for opting for experience is no longer a valid one.

The time suddenly is now.

I played against Storey in high school, he’s one year younger than me. So he’s not a kid to me. He played in 3 a football and was very good in it, if you know about Arkansas football you also know how absolutely pitiful 3 a football is, maybe was I don’t keep up with it now, but back then it was horrendous. He’s had an issue with his throwing motion and arm strength since day one, I’ve never thought he had what it took.
Dan Enos is a good QBs coach, and he developed him. He also never broke past 3rd string. While he had the offers to play anywhere, he lacked the talent.
Cole has the Arm, but so do probably 40 other kids on the team, he’s just not a qb.

I think you need to see what Hyatt, Noland and Jones can give you, but also keep the redshirt options open with the latter two.

Tough call either way, but being able to play them four games without losing a year is a valuable option to have.

Agreed - new RS rule is mana from Heaven for our QB situation and we need to take advantage of it.

Let the young one’s play and help sort out the future if one merges. The fan base would not be happy with the impending losses but the howling would be somewhat subdued prepping for the future… at least in theory.

I don’t think you want to scar the two freshmen by throwing them against Auburn, Texas A&M and Alabama.

I would wait until Ole Miss in Little Rock on Oct. 13 and have them also play against Tulsa and Vanderbilt.

You could then make a decision on what to do with the final two regular season games at Mississippi State and Missouri without costing them a year of eligibility under the new redshirt rule.

I’m afraid no one on this team will come out of the Auburn, A/M, and Bama game not scared…

Fans can handle a 1-6 start if they know you are planning and building towards the future. Starting TS or CK against NTSU is the exact opposite of that.

Why not do it this way? Pick Storey or Kelley to start and work one of the freshman in…like they are doing now with Storey and Kelley. They would get some reps, but not playing every series.

I can deal with a loss if we start one of the younger guys against NT. I won’t be able to if we start TS or CK, can’t do the same thing and expect different results.