IMO it's evident that our Coaches have their work

cut out for them when it comes to receiving commitments early in the process (e.g. the recruits visiting this past weekend) . When the Hogs start winning games, including those against SEC West teams (which I believe they will) our recruiting will be easier - again, just my opinion…

Get a lot of nice talk and great visit etc., and then nothing. KJ was exception and a very, very big one at that.

4 commits at this stage is behind schedule in comparison to some of our sec brethren. No time to panic yet but coach Morris recruiting ability is going to be put to the test.

The brand is in tatters. When Athlons’s ranks you 14th in the SEC and only ahead of four other P5 schools ( Kansas, Illinois, Virginia, and Oregon State) you are at rock freaking bottom and the climb back to relevancy is very difficult!

Boy Bret was a fantastic coach.

We are also working on some higher level recruits with many options that will not make a quick decision. We are getting better visitors and that is obvious.

Are you referring to Bret Douglas or Otis Bielema ?

Regret Bielema