IMO - It seems like J Will is not coming back

We have now taken 4 bigs in the portal. Do we really need 5 bigs?

If J Will is gone I will mos def shed some tears. He was the heart and soul of our team.


Or 6. Kamani was in essence our backup center once CV disappeared from the radar.

With Kamani being with Muss yesterday at the GMA thing I just don’t see him leaving…I could be way off base but that’s just my guess.

Lets say Jackson leaves and J Will comes back…what are we going to do with all those bigs? Someone is going to be at the end of the bench.

I really thought Muss would go find a shooter. Besides Pinion we don’t have a true 3 point shooter and I’m not sure Pinion will be ready next year.

Can I say and not offend any players, but couldn’t JWill use or need another year to develop his skills?

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I think we all agree with that. His outside shooting needs to improve for the next level. So does his shot blocking, as Muss discussed last week; he needs to play more vertical and stop taking so many charges.


My guess is that regardless of which guys come back we are going to have a couple of big guys in the game most of the time who are going to be attacking the offensive glass, with one of the small forward/big guards lurking as well, depending on how the defense is playing it.

I don’t think Muss is counting on shooting threes well to win, but I do think most of the guys will have a green light to shoot an open three if it’s there. If they fall at a good percentage, that’s great, but he probably thinks driving well, passing off the drive to guys working to get open close to the basket, and an aggressive offensive rebounding style is a surer way to win than counting on making a lot of threes every night. He’s got the players to do that.


No doubt he needs to improve on a lot of things. The NBA always says they draft a lot of guys on potential so who knows.

I just hope he doesn’t drop to the second round where there is no guarantee. The G league is a tough life.

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Why is kamani staying?

JWill has a secret growth opportunity emerging on this roster - Point Forward. He might have a chance to do some facilitating on offense given all the wing skills we will trot on the court.

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I believe J-Will is well grounded and has great family support to make a sound decision unlike some others in the past. The NBA game is focused on three point shooting at every position and he needs to upgrade his 24% to get what he wants with a guaranteed contract. I think he returns because he will trust Muss to get him there.

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I love J will but the fact that he’s not a great shooter and he’s not a defensive stopper really has me kind of surprised that there is even a chance of playing in the NBA right now. He is a phenomenal passer and plays incredibly hard but I will be shocked if he doesn’t come back. I just don’t see NBA player with his skill set as it is right now. We bringing in 4 other Bigs does have me kind of wondering though because Muss only likes to play seven or eight people and we’ve got more than that that should be able to play.

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Muss, I believe, is wanting 4 bigs total, who can interchange without a big drop-off when the 3rd and 4th bigs come off the bench. And, that 4 will probably drop to 3 in the end of year tournaments and against the top SEC teams. We are going to have 13 players, and we all know there will be at least 4 players who will be at the end of the bench with very few minutes from the SEC schedule forward.

With the 4 bigs he’s bringing in, one or 2 (depending on if JWill and Kamani stay), will be at the end of the bench. Muss is probably thinking about 2 things, injuries and development progress by the new players.

IMO, JWill, Brazile, and Graham are 3 of the 4 that will get the bulk of the "big’s minutes. If JWill returns, that would leave the twins and Kamani fighting for the last spot. If JWill doesn’t return those 3 would be fighting for 2 spots. There’s also a chance, when we go to small ball, Jordan will probably get a few minutes at PF.

If J Will comes back someone has to leave. Who might that be?

My guess is Kimani


It almost has to be he or Jaxson. I think Devo is really important to this team next season and I hope he knows it. He got 27.6 MPG last season and I expect he’ll get at least that amount this season. I would hate to see Devo hit the portal. If Jaylin doesn’t return, Devo would be the only upper classman leader left.

I hope we can get by most of the regular season without the freshmen playing 30-35 minutes a game. They are used to 32 minute games, not 40 minute games. Many freshmen who have to play 35+ minutes a game are worn out at the end of the season, when they are really needed. Come tournament time, you want them to be able to play 35 minutes if necessary.

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We could be shooting a lot of FTs again next year. All of our transfers need significant improvement.

What’s the obsession with FT shooting? Arkansas will be a good FT shooting team next season.

I think the concern is the last 3 transfers (twins and Az St) are all mid 50% FT shooters historically.

This handwringing over FTs is much ado about nothing. Bigs typically don’t shoot FTs as well as guards/wings. It is what it is. The new guys have all spring and summer to improve their FT %s. I trust that the coaching staff will make certain that the right players (Black, Smith, Ford, Devo, etc) are at the line shooting FTs in late-game situations.

That’s less than half the roster for 2 of the 5 positions on the court, so sounds like the right number to me.