IMO it is not good for Tom Murphy to

publish a hit piece aimed at the guy who could likely be the Hogs next DC - sets a negative tone. If John Chavis is hired by Arkansas he will likely be the best defensive Coach the school could hope to get at this time. Remember folks, we are probably not as desirable a coaching destination as we would like to believe.

I agree with Tom completely. In no way should we hire Chafes at the numbers being tossed about. And I don’t believe that there aren’t some good defensive minds out there who would come here and outperform Chafes.

I referenced this article in another post. IF I was CCM, this is what I would do.

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Tom Murphy is a sports writer for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette- Jonesboro. :wink:

I don’t know why you would call it a hit piece. He simply gave factual information pertaining to Chavis’ defensive numbers at A&M. He reported his history as a coach at Tennessee and LSU. Wrote about Caldwell possibly returning to join the staff here with Chavis. I don’t recall reading anything in the story that suggested hiring Chavis was a good or bad idea. He simply laid out the facts. If anyone interprets it as a shot at Chavis, it has to be because they don’t like what they see when the facts are presented. I personally like the Morris hire. I am skeptical of Morris hiring Chavis as DC.

10 years ago, Morris’ statement about hiring the best DC in the country would have been understandable if he were talking about Chavis. In my personal opinion, Chavis is well past his prime and his numbers at A&M reflect that. Jimbo Fisher has the great John Chavis sitting right there in his lap under contract and he is opting to take a pass. Who are we competing with for Chavis’ services? I would argue if Chavis’ defenses at A&M compared to the performances of his defenses at UT & LSU, there would be no shortage of suiters for his services. I have no doubt that Chavis is a upgrade from what we’ve had in the recent past, even in the twilight years of his coaching career. In short, I just don’t know if at this point of Chavis’ coaching career, if he’s up to the challenge. I really do hope it turns out to be a great move by Morris. Time will tell and I will certainly be pulling for the entire staff to be successful.

That was not a hit piece. Chavis is the leading candidate to become coordinator. The story simply stated facts about his most recent game. It was going to run if Texas A&M had a good defensive game, by the way.

The facts are the facts - Morris should be able to hire the DC he wants, but he should also be prepared to answer questions/criticism about the person ultimately selected. I’m sorry, but the Razorback football program is not North Korea where the Great Leader is supposedly perfect and his actions supposedly infallible and not to be questioned.

SEC coaches make huge $ and with that comes passionate fans and donors with strong opinions.

A questioning mindset is a good thing and preferable to a “ he’s the coach so I trust him and won’t ask questions” one IMO.

The Chief is a good defensive coordinator when he has elite talent and my fear he’s not a 7/24 kind of recruiting machine we need to help elevate us to that position. His staff will be critical in that process and we’ll all know soon enough what kind of recruiters they are.

That article was not a hit piece…the below would be:

I didn’t see it as a hit piece. Yesterday it was all over radio about this potential hire, and it was 90% critical. By media, by fans, and by radio personalities. And not just Arkansas radio guys. National media folks are all raising eyebrows after this has been getting around.

Coach speak or not, Chavis is an expensive hire. And he WOULD NOT be the best DC in America, as CCM promised. That defense yesterday was horrific, and it was bad all season. So was WF though. And, do not kid yourself, TAMU has a lot of talent. More than Hogs have. WF embarrassed them. At one point they rattled of 28 unanswered points on TAMU, I believe. Couldn’t stop them.

This is the same defense that collapsed and let UCLA comeback and win.

TAMU/Chavis had 4 weeks to prepare for this game.

I would be throwing that type of money at a guy like Jim Leonhard at Wisconsin(Broyles Award Finalist), or the DC at Washington. Top 5 defenses. At least ask if they are interested??? Venables wasn’t ever coming unless he was offered the HC job(which David Bazzel wrote to the U of A and endorsed).

Make no mistake, I understand that we need help. But for that money, and the way that defense looked yesterday, and during the season, lets cover all bases on the DC, as it is very apparent that we didn’t when hiring the head coach.