IMO - BB Hogs are making the final lists, but not finishing

too well so far.

Seems to me when 10 to 20 schools are on the “list” Some of these kids are playing folks.

You’re referring to?

No one in particular, just the scheme of things.

If the Hogs finished by signing all of these recent prospects that had us on their final list, we’d have about 20 guys on scholarship next season.

No spot it seems. ghg

Remember we don’t actually have a scholarship until IJ or someone else leaves. Davide Moretti left TTech to go pro and created the spot that McClung took.

Coach needs to tell IJ to either go or stay - sorry, it’s a tough world out there…

PJ and I were discussing this the other day by PM. Is McClung better than IJ? We don’t think so. So why run Joe off if the replacement isn’t as good?

IMO Muss is doing what he needs to do – keep recruiting possible replacements if IJ stays in the draft. Remember what happened when Qualls entered the draft and MA couldn’t come up with a replacement? Muss isn’t going to let that happen. Also remember that Muss’ big selling point is we know how to get you in the Show; you don’t tell people that and then cut out anyone who enters the process as IJ has done.

Patience, grasshopper. My own personal opinion is that IJ will come back but Muss is prepared if he doesn’t.

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I’d be shocked if Muss didn’t already know what Isaiah was going to do.

Richard, we’re not getting played I don’t feel. We are just keeping a life line out just checking on interest should Joe turn pro. Heck, we don’t have a place for anybody else. This is the best shape Arkansas has been in for years. Muss is awesome…

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I think the staff really understands the way roster change/management works these days, and is doing a good job working the transfer portal. That means reaching out to to anyone in the portal who you might be even marginally interested in whether you have a currently open slot or not. You keep doing groundwork with those guys until you either have your roster set for the next season/you eliminate the guy from your list yourself/he goes some place else or… very occasionally, you sign him to play for the Hogs.

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Roger that…but always like to see us get a good recruit over someone else

Injecting on your previous statement. That’s been the norm especially for successful teams and one team in particular(not auburn) he doesn’t have to do it as much anymore but would practically seduce our best state player to play on his team and then hardly ever use him.One school of thought on that is… well, said player just wasn’t good enough to start on their team but in all actuality that coach was killing two birds with one stone so-to-speak.By that I mean would use the player spar-ing-ly while also not having to deal with as an opponent. That scenario happened too often IMO to just be called happenstance.Yes his team is extremely successful and coaching “under-handed” against 'lil 'ol pitiful Arkansas is beyond him you say? I’m not just singling out Arkansas as his only culprit but when you’ve been in the business as long as he has you learn ALL the tricks of the trade that helped to warrant your success be it right or wrong.

was actually off base here, referring to football. uhhhh never mind.


Justin Smith from Indiana transferring in is a nice way to finish up this recruiting cycle.

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Finish up? Sure?

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I think he’s the perfect piece and fit, at the right time.

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