IMO-- and the statement

to lay low, don’t talk hold’s true. NOW I’m not sure this has been stated or not but I think if we come out HOT and play our BB we win.

Thus maybe saving Mike’s job. People have spoken they wanted to see the kids body language and that will let us know if we WANT the win. For the players and fan’s.

I say our actions–ACTIONS durning the critical times as always with us, HOW do we start. Do we fall behind 18=1 in the first 5 minutes? OR do we come out ready to play.

And then finish the 1st half, and the start of the 2nd half.

It’s the actions not the talking the IMO gives the tale of the tape.

WE lose and that BOT will have one more bullet. Might be enough for a lot of fans and the powers to be.