IMO after today's game Kelly Bryant

If KB does come here, obviously we all know it’s only because of the trust & respect for Coach Morris which makes him that much more impressive regardless of what happened this season with the Hogs. Morris, Craddock, & KB can sit & discuss at length what they could do with AR’s offense next year & all be on exactly the same page & utilizing KB’s skill set to offset our less than stellar Oline. With him at QB gives us more options & changes how defenses scheme against us.

I just moved to 60-40 % in our favor KB comes here.


Teams start over with inexperienced quarterbacks alll the time and have success. Not sure why it needs to be any difference at Arkansas. Last I heard Fine is the quarterback at North Texas and has not announced any transfer. Why would he?

[/quote]The talk is that Seth Littrell will be in the running for another job, and that might lead him to leave. He could, of course, go with Seth, but he also lives close to Fayetteville and that might be appealing. Nobody knows for sure, just like nobody knows for sure about where KB is going. Yes, teams start with inexperienced QBs every year, but my point is it would be quicker to go through that next year and have three full years of an experienced quarterback in years 2020-21-22. I’m not saying we shouldn’t get KB; I’m saying if we don’t get a transfer, I can see some good points in going with CN next year.