IMO after today's game Kelly Bryant

OUR chances of getting Kelly Bryant took 2 steps FORWARD.

Miami- OUT

AU who I thought would get Mr. Bryant, hands down.

The paying players , OR trying to has been put on hold. Everything I can read Kelly is a good kid.

Now the big ones. Our OL should be better. Better class coming in for help. AU losing every starter on their OL they have and a couple of Sr’s.

AND the next to the biggest one is we are going to be better at WR’s. AU will have ONE coming back.

RIGHT recruiting class make.

The man that sold his sole for War Eagle is going to fall on a Sword he used to cur our hand off. That sword will drop him dead. (Plenty of money but no job) Karma is a bitch…

On the flip side Our coach will have a QB ready to play and his spot is open. Our coach IMO is safe for this year.

Announcement on some FB coach birthday near here…


You make valid points for sure.
I’m still about 50-50 on it.

Hope you are right but you are banking on our recruiting class being the persuader and that class ranks behind Auburn’s for sure and I think MissState’s too. Plus their previous recruiting classes on their campus are way better than ours, so how is our one and only in several decades “middle of the pack in the SEC” recruiting class going to be the deal clincher?

I may be wrong but I think all of Auburn’s offensive line comes back.

KB isn’t coming here. He would be a fool to come here. He does not strike me as a fool.

They do

It was either Danielson yesterday on the broadcast or Chizik on SEC Network bemoaning Auburn’s offensive line play this year… What do they have coming back?

I thought they lost all their OL last yr and I thought they were playing young OL this yr and why they haven’t looked near as good on most all will be back I beleive.

I think he goes to MSU or Auburn

i think he comes here to play with his Mentor.

I need to read my posts. My mind plainly knows what I want to type but it doesn’t come out that may. (SEE EXAMPLE WAY IS WHAT I THOUGHT I TYPED!) Anyway we do know for a fact he respects Chad.

I would almost bet that the announcers said AU was going to lose their entire OL? Of the ones watching at my home 2 of us heard the same thing. Maybe the line was lost last year.???

the 2017 season. … s_t_1.html

Based on what?

Oh, I guess you could argue that ANY OL is going to be better than what we put on the field this year.

On the other hand, we graduate 3 and may bring in from 3 to 5 newcomers. And there are no real “rocks” among the returnees around which to build said OL. Just because we acknowledge that it was a weakness this year, and know it has to improve, doesn’t mean it automatically will.

I think they will be a little better - maybe more so toward the end of the season - barring injuries. But I just don’t see a marked improvement in the OL next year. Probably year after next, if we keep everyone we have and sign 5 more next year (2020).

If god gave us no Hope where would we be. I liked coach CBB. 2 words changed my thoughts about a man being paid 4M bucks. Flip Flops. Maybe tacky on my part just unprofessional.

You can just tell CCM is buying all in. Working hid butt off. I would suggest he’s working 16-18 hours a day.

When I worked at Whirlpool and building houses, I slept 4-5 hours a day. 7 days a week. When I coached I drew up a plan and studied every kid and the moves he could make, or not make. Studied all night long moving players from position to position. When I built a house in 2 days I could see the lay of the land the exact place for every roor and colors gave a complete vision of my project.

We need to finish strong and get a couple of differance makers. Then get the team, with solid team leadership to change the culture.

A “I’m not going to let this team fail again.” TEAM attitude. WE’ve picked a really bad year schedule wise but miracles can happen.

With some luck and the right bounce of the ball (some coaching) we can win enough and get to a bowl game. Team leadership and a couple of kids break out. If not just don’t even go or watch.

I hope Kelly sees he can make a difference and be a leader of this team.

As great as it would be to have Kelly Bryant (and I am cautiously optimistic that he’s coming) or another grad transfer at QB next year, part of me says that only delays getting on with the program. Connor Noland could start as a redshirt freshman (and take our lumps), then the next year he’d be a redshirt sophomore with a year-and-a-third’s experience. But if he’s on the bench (albeit learning under Bryant), then in 2020, we’ll be starting over with a QB with very little experience.

I really hope KB or Fine or another excellent grad transfer comes, but I can see some downside to it as well.

Teams start over with inexperienced quarterbacks alll the time and have success. Not sure why it needs to be any difference at Arkansas. Last I heard Fine is the quarterback at North Texas and has not announced any transfer. Why would he?

Agree——he goes to MSU or Auburn. Offenses suit him, and he will have adequate protection to make multiple reads and show his passing and decision making skills. Initially I wanted him to be a Hog but we don’t yet have enough pieces around him to serve him well. Our incoming class shapes up to be fantastic but don’t expect more than 2 or 3 of them to be real difference makers. One of our most glaring deficiencies is along the OL and there are very few freshman that can be impactful on the OL as freshman. Our direction, I think and hope, is trending up but 2019will be another long year. It’s wearing me out,

I do not think there is a chance in hell that KB is coming to Arkansas. He has one season left to make an impression on the NFL. He is not going to be able to that when a team that can’t score TDs.

But wouldn’t that be impressive if he came and we did start scoring more TD’s for NFL scouts?

That does not happen in the real world.