Imbalance Of Power

Once again we witnessed a team of superior talent out perform us in every phase of the game. Coming to it we knew their defense is going to force mistakes, rip the ball, intercept passes and create non-offensive scores (five turnovers). Could we prevent it? no!, Why? Because of opponent’s talent and execution. On offense, each player blocked, and on defense each player stayed on their lane; helped others after securing their assignment. There were no wide open gaps anywhere. You had to pass the ball with pin point accuracy to complete. That is why it was hard for us and easy for them. Talent and good execution. Allen got sacked six time and hit over 20 times. We could not stop their strong and fast rushers. He still directed the offense to total 473 yards ( AL’s previously allowed 256 yards), three TD’s and three interceptions, due to lack of protection and bad judgement in his part. AR’s defense simply not good enough. Their main problem is not size and strength, it is lack of speed. For instance we are now recruiting a player who bench presses 330lbs, and squats 485 lbs. But no mention of his speed. Why? perhaps because he has none. This is why their runners turned the corners so easily for TD’s. If coach B wants to compete in SEC west, he must pick up the recruiting to 4-star level, which adds the element of speed… AR’s recruiting the past ten years has ran 23rd to 26th nationally on average; not bad. But it has ran 9th to 11th in SEC; not so good. The imbalance of power has been created by imbalance in recruiting.

Lot of yards came when backups went in I thought. Think starters gave up about 200 yards.

Starters or back up, we must stop teams to win games. You can’t live with offense alone.

I understand what you are saying and I probably agree to a certain extent on most points, but my take on the game was that mainly our defense failed to compete. They did not play with heart like our QB did. Coach said we weren’t setting the edge. I have heard him say that for 3 years and we still don’t do it very well. We don’t fill gaps or pursue very well. We have a Jr/Sr defense and they told us we have adequate depth at most positions. I am asking myself, “Is this coaching, or the players not executing or giving effort, or talent as you say?”

Our offense made mistakes, especially OL busts the entire game. Overall, I thought the offense competed well. They have to take chances when you get behind and know you have to score because the defense is MIA.

We had 255 yards of offense in the first half against their starters. An additional 69 in the third quarter when we got it to 42-24. They had their starting secondary still in the game on the interception return for the TD, which we had another 62 yards on that drive. That makes 386 yards on their starting secondary.

HawginDFW:I am inclined to say all of the above you mentioned. Among other things, blocking on offense, poor tackling on defense (missed tackles lead to TD’s), slow recovery when out of position (lack of speed and quickness), and coaches defensive scheme and play calling. Don’t get me wrong; I am proud of our players and coaches. We are battling with what we have. We must improve in recruiting and coaching to stand a chance in this league.
Hogin58: Good accounting for starters and substitutes. I couldn’t tell who was there. All I saw, it seemed 22 of them against our 11.