Imagine if Sills got hot from the three point line -----------------

------------------------ :smiley:

He will. Just a matter of time. He’s one of our best all around players.

I like to see Desi take the ball to the hole and take the open corner 3. He will have his time when he gets rolling.
One thing for sure the little man leaves everything he has put on the floor every time he steps on the court.
I’m enjoying watching these young hogs play!

Desi is a competitive, feisty kid who plays as hard as anybody. He is, however, not a good 3 point shooter. His game is on defense and near the hoop. I think once we get some inside game next year, he won’t need to have to shoot the 3. He is a big part of this team. I am glad he is playing for us. He’s got that Billy Dee Williams look…anybody remember him?

Good post jhawg. That is the way I see Desi. He will shoot 3 once in a while and make one or two a game, but he is never going to be Isaiah or Mason.

Guys. Desi shot 46% from deep last year. For an entire season. That isn’t a fluke. Basically took two shots, made one on average every night. Maybe he needs to improve his shot selection but this isn’t a guy who can’t throw it in the ocean.

I would think Desi will figure it out. That is a competitive Dude. I put the capital D there for emphasis. Dude is a dude. Lots of dudes on this team.

Did you watch us play last year? Care to guess what his 3P% was last year? How about 46%. No one expects him to be Joe in shooting. But, he’s fully capable of make 2 or 3 a game, and I believe he will before the season’s end.

I have just never thought he had a good shot. It is not smooth. He hasn’t shot well this year from the 3. He made, what 1 0f 25 to start the year. That is not good shooting. It is 4 per cent. 4…

He is a good ball player. Not everyone can do everything. He is having to shoot the 3 more than he should, in my view, because we have only a couple of guys who are quality 3 point shooters.

When you say “never”, I need some perspective. How much Desi ball have you watched other than this year?

Bailey is shooting better 3 pt percentage than any of them right now. :grinning:

Desi has to be generally wide open to shoot a 3. That is not going to happen very often. That is why it is hard to consider him as a 3 pt threat the way we talk about 3 point shooters Arkansas has had.

Once again, he shot 46% last year. That wasn’t someone’s imagination. By your description, he got wide open 63 times and made 29 of them. This year he’s already missed 43, and I can remember a lot of them being wide open. He’s getting looks. And since the opening 0-for, he’s around the 30% range, which while it’s not going to scare anyone is not at the level where you tell him not to shoot.

Doesn’t getting looks mean he is open? Maybe wide open is a bad description of that. But I cannot recall shots where he made a three like Joe and Jones do with defense nearby or coming off a screen or off a dribble. Generally he has to be open and feet clearly set.

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