Imagine being ranked #6 nationally

but 4th in your conference with another conference team on your heels. Brutal!:

I’m actually surprised we’re ahead of Auburn. That’s fantastic.

Noticed that our per-recruit average is higher than some schools above us.

Superior coaching can make up for a huge deficit in talent. No telling what can happen with just a small difference. Can’t wait.

Could be wrong, but I believe Muss will continue to upgrade the recruiting as we move forward and do it with position balance. That’s 90’s kind of recruiting.and hopefully results.

Let the coaching begin with these top classes and see who can coach and not rely on pure talent.

Pure talent allows good coaches to win! The more talent that you have the more egos you have to juggle.

In Muss I trust.

Plus you have to deliver these kind of classes or at least Top 10 every two out of three years. A Top 10 every now and then won’t get it done because of high annual turnover of top talent.

Kentucky can do it because of the blue blood brand. LSU can do it because of deep talent base. Tennessee and Auburn have established themselves as national brands. Both Barnes and Pearl have been getting out of state 5 stars.

That is the challenge Muss has. To turn Arkansas into national brand like Tennessee and Auburn. This year’s class was purely Arkansas grown. Will we have 4 top 100 players two out of three years?

Muss has offered several out of state 5 stars. He needs to land one of them in 2021 or 2022 class to get this rolling. As I said Kyree Walker was going to be that, but unfortunately he had issues.

I think SEC is stacked with good coaches and has been for a while. I don’t see a bad coach out there. So, recruiting will be the differentiator.

If I am reading this right the rankings do not take in to account the transfers. If this is an accurate read then Muss has UA basketball in fine shape for next year or so

My point to see good coaches teach prime players. Look at the lower tier coaches winning with less talent.

Coaching, attrition and not living up to your stars are all a part of how these end up in the standings.

The good news is we have a better coach that any of the four teams ahead of us. ghg

I would love to see a ranking that includes transfers that will be eligible next season. That will give us a truer picture of the classes. All these 5 teams plus others In SEC have had major transfers that have been added to next season’s roster.

No longer just a Football league. Baseball and basketball for sure.

SEC is also a power conference in Track&Field, Swimming & Diving, Gymnastics and Tennis.

Golf to.