Images to consider on Veterans Day

I received the following images from ColoradoHog along with accompanying messages.

I took this a month ago. It is the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach. Freedom is not Free!

And this, also at Omaha. Title - America’s Youth came from the sea to save the world.

If you can go there and keep a dry eye as well as pride, you are sick.

Way more important than a Football Coach.

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Thanks Marty for posting these pictures. My dad entered France via Omaha beach in WWII. He fought across Europe with Patton through the end of the War. The Greatest Generation.

Yes Sir !

Well said.


My office is right on the waterfront at Pearl Harbor. Have a direct view of the Arizona Memorial, Battleship Row, USS Missouri (BB 63) and Ford Island. Have done countless sunrise re-enlistments aboard Arizona. You can still see the oil coming up from below, hear the waves lapping alongside and read the names of the 1,177 Sailors and Marines who perished on 7 December. I have never left the Arizona with a dry eye. As my dad (WW2, Korean and Vietnam Vet) once told me, the bravest Americans are either buried overseas or at their fallen post.


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