I'm watching Pat Bradley on SECN postgame

Came to UA in 1995, spent most of his post-UA time in Little Rock, and his Bahstun accent is still as thick as Cape Cod chowdah.

Accents are hard to change once you grow up. You have to go to “acting” school or “disc Jockey” school to change it.

BTW, I believe Pat moved back up East once his sister came down with that tragic cancer.

Well, my best friend when I was a kid moved to New England at age 16 to attend prep school, then Yale, a couple of years back in Little Rock, then grad school in Virginia, and spent most of his working career in Minnesota. By age 25 very little Arkansas accent remained, and by 40 it was completely gone. Did he try to get rid of the Arkie accent? Possibly, but he’s not an actor or a radio person; he was a corporate vice president.

I left Arkansas in 1973, 26 years in the Army and most of the time after that in Florida, but not the deep south Florida–you have to go north to get to the Deep South. My Arkansas accent is moderate, but give me five minutes talking to an Arkansan or going back to the state and it is just like it was 48 years ago.


That’s funny. My wife says she call tell when I’m talking to someone from my hometown by the way my voice changes.


Not really the case.

My mother was from California until she was 24 then moved and live in Arkansas from that point forward. She is now 78 and she is just a hardcore Arkansas accent as you can get. It wasn’t always the case… when I was a small fry you could still detect the accent, but now in my 50s, I can’t hear it from her at all.

My point, accents are learned / mimic behaviors. The longer you spend around one, the more it grows on you. Whether you wish to learn it or not.

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You can erase most of the AR southern accent but not all of it.
I moved from AR to CA in 1981 at age 22. Spent 26 years there with frequent visits back here of course. Finally moved back here in 2007.
In Cali I was still hillbilly country boy to most with still a touch of southern accent.
Back here I became a beach bum beatnik with my Cali accent.

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I like Pat’s accent. I like thinking my school is diverse and sophisticated. A bit different than the “ya’ll”.


Was raised as an USAF brat, living mainly at Missouri and California. Attended high school and college at Arkansas. Joined the Navy and toured the world. Well, apparently I developed an Arkansas accent which I can’t hear but those around me can…I’ve been told by my family that it most especially comes out when I’m emotional.
Case in point, been living at Hawaii since 1992. Both children born and reared at Hawaii. During my son’s high school basketball game, I was urging from the stands for the boys to play defense. Well, my son’s point guard (a very local Hawaiian) turns around to his teammates and tells them to play some “Deefense” in a very thick southern accent. Everybody around me cracked up. I swelled with pride.


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Pat is a good ole boy, even if he does sound like he’s from another planet.

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My non-expert opinion is that one does not lose their accent, however they can replace it. After living first 25 years in Arkansas moved to Minnesota and then Wisconsin (totaling six years) but since there is not a pronounced accent in the area, did not experience much of an accent loss. While I did not notice much of an accent in that area, I did always notice unique phrasing of the people.

Interesting you mention that, Keith. My first encounter with people from Wisconsin was in school at UA, where the Lady Razorbacks had several athletes from there (I remember girls from Milwaukee and Janesville), and of course Norm DeBriyn is a Cheesehead as well. The point guard from Milwaukee was particularly noticeable (pronounced it Wis-CAAAAN-sin).

My experience was Western Wisconsin and Minnesota side of upper Mississippi River. Seems Milwaukee area (SE Wisconsin) has some of the Chicago influence on their accents.

I always thought Minnesotans and Wisconsinites had similar but not identical accents (I did clinical studies with a company based in Minneapolis and frequently had to go to MPLS or their people would come see me in Texas).

It’s strange how accents can change. I’m from Eldorado and when I went to the UA in 89, my accent was pure LA drawn out hick. 4 years later I went to work for JB Hunt and learned that parts of the US view “southern accents” as dumb and slow. Over the years vowels get more clipped and my accent changed. Unless I’m on my second beer and then everything gets back to drawn out.
Btw talked to Norm tonight at a local Fayetteville brewery, his accent is still pure :man_shrugging:

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I’ll go along with that.

Guy, you don’t get emotional do you? :rofl:

Pat’s accent is not nearly as Bostonian as it was when he first arrived. It was thick. He actually toned it back when he was living in Little Rock working for Buzz. But I think moving back to Boston did return some of the thickness.

I can recall Dudley’s first phone interview with him when Nolan began to recruit him. Dudley asked his position and was sure Pat said, “I’m a shooting god.” In fact, he was.


I don’t think you lose it, but it does get toned down. I moved out here in '90. I dropped such things as ya’ll and fixing to, until I get home and boom, there it is. All my friends here know when I have been home for a few days. They always tell me I have it back.

I have a good friend who moved here from S. MS. His was the real deal southern. People joked that I had to go along as his interpreter. After 10 yrs you still know he is a southerner, but it is not nearly as strong as it was.

Is Pat still in the NE or did he move back to LR after his sister passed?