I'm watching BYU vs. Utah State at Provo

So, as good as he is, should we keep throwing him out there if he refuses to play the position we need him to? Honest question. That series of plays we ran for him was a complete disaster. Totally disrupted our flow.

They ran the FPI graphic of BYU’s remaining schedule during the game that gave BYU a chance of winning:
10/8 ND 35%
10/15 Hogs 63%

Am I missing something?

That is a real good question that can only be answered as to what was the agreement made between him and coaches to get him to stay.

I don’t know who promised what or if someone has reneged etc.

What I do know is they don’t have him playing wide receiver other than a designed package so far and that is a head scratcher to me

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Just a reminder that nobody was impressed with Texas A&M either when Appalachian State was beating them.

I say that not as criticism but as a matter of perspective. Teams can look very different from one week to the next. And I suspect BYU will be quite amped at having a chance to host and possibly beat an SEC team.

I certainly hope the Hogs will win easily in Provo and don’t have a problem since I’ll be there. I just wouldn’t write BYU off yet. I can remember too many times over the years when we have done that and it didn’t turn out well.

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Yep. That was one where the call was perfect if he had tossed the ball back to KJ. Don’t know what he was thinking. Cost a touchdown.

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