I'm unable to read the article

on recruits liking Being Bret. It says I need to log in. I am logged in. I’ve tried multiple times. Ive logged out and back in and it still tells me to log in. I can read the boards fine.

Mine did the same thing this morning. I had one screen that said my free subscription period was over, then one that said to log in. I kept just closing the window and opening back up. It finally allowed me to read the articles again without haveing to continually log in. This was on my Iphone. Computer had no problems.

Please call customer service at 1-800-482-1121 or aronline@arkansasonline.com.

I believe it is a glitch just on that one article. It made me sign in again on both PC and phone. Every other article with a link works fine.

get the same thing. only that one

I’ve tried many times. Can’t get in.

I’m actually getting a number of articles that are doing that. I’ve logged in 3 times and cleaned out my cache each time.

This is from customer service:

If you’ve been experiencing issues today accessing the premium forums, please log out of Whole Hog Sports and clear your browser cookies. You can do this by clicking the link provided on the logout page or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del on your keyboard. This works with most, if not all, browsers. After clearing your cookies, your access to the premium forums should be restored.

Using Safari and following all the instructions from the nice people at tech support (log out and clear your cookies) multiple times has solved all my access problems except on the referenced article. I get same results as others. Either it is posted differently that all other articles or we are just not meant to read it.

Those having problems reading this one article shouldn’t any longer.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … lema-fans/

Yep, it was posted differently then the others.

So, yesterday I logged out and cleared everything as directed. It worked and I was allowed to read the articles. However, today it is doing it again. Will we have to do this everyday?