I'm told

'24 RB commit Braylen Russell is transferring to LR Christian.

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AAA said no.

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Good luck to LR Christian with putting up with his Dad. It will be some kind of ride.

Seems an interesting time for dealing with talented athletes; transfer portals in both High School and college, NIL, early departures for the bigs, etc. Add families and entourages that provide inputs, some good and some not so good and it sure adds to the tasks a Coach must juggle.

Would have been nice, but you know that Oregon probably has nearly unlimited NIL/Nike dollars available. If a recruit has that as his primary focus for a school, I’m OK with us missing on him. We need more recruits like Nick Smith.

I don’t remember Nick’s actual quote, but something like “My school decision will not be made about NIL$”. He’s looking at the “real” dollars, his1st and 2nd NBA contracts. What coach and team will best set him up for those future “lifetime dollars”, not just one year $.

Now, come on Layden Blocker, the Hogs really need you.

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