I'm told that there is mutual interest on Tyree Jackson...

and SMU’s Ben Hicks from sources I trust.

We’ll see.

https://bleacherreport.com/articles/281 … team-needs

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … fer-ranks/

:shock: Tyree would be incredible get. Hick would be solid as well. Don’t know if he is a dual threat guy, but he can throw. Tyree is a huge game changer.

I vote yes on Tyree, not really sold on Hicks, to be honest.

Both of them have pros and Cons. Jackson would be interesting Players he is a carbon copy of Andre woodson from Kentucky years ago.

I agree. I’m not sold on Hicks being any real upgrade over what we have. Tyree would help us.

Would be pumped about Tyree.

But, even hicks would be an upgrade. The homerism fogs up how bad Ty storey was/is.

This is great. I’d love to see what he could do at this level.

He would be an upgrade … Ty could not start at UCA

Hicks would have easily started for us last season. Now is he NFL material no…would he have been the difference in the outcome of 2-4 games last season definitely!!!

Now Tyree would be such a credible threat to find a WR breaking open ( not waiting for him to be open) that Defensive Coordinators wouldn’t be so quick to blitz…

Why do we want guys with 55% career completion percentages?

And thrown a lot of ints, all this at a lower level of competition.
I was concerned about Kelly Bryant’s lower comp % & int rate. But he had wheels & played against top competition.

Why are we more concerned with what we missed out on (Kelly Bryant) than entertaining a obvious upgrade.

WE WON 2 GAMES but we have All SEC expectations of a transfer qb.

Hopefully to the fans complaining your wish will we be granted and Ty Story is the one trotting onto the field on August 31, 2019

For one year, I’ll take either and consider it an upgrade.

Go Hogs!

Roll the dice;
With Jackson & his physical tools, but he & the new WR’s learning a new system. (Would be my choice, due to Oline question marks)

Or Hicks with a little less physical tools & his knowledge of the Chad’s offense, with a crop of new WR’s that are learning it.
(Oline must be vastly improved)

Hopefully Ty still doesn’t trot out on the field next fall lol, if either one of the above are here.

Well, we know it won’t be Jackson.