I'm told Arkansas

Is interested in former Georgia DE Chauncey Manac, who was a highly recruited prospect in the 2016 class.

He announced his plans to transfer from the Bulldogs on Monday. He attended Clinch County in Homerville, Ga… before signing with Georgia. Hog defensive lineman John Mincey is a senior at Clinch County.

He plans to attend junior college and transfer to a four-year school after a year. He prefers not to sit out a year.

is it due to lack of playing time;injuries;or just not what he expected?thanks in advance for any answers.

Playing time from what I understand. Sounded like he was going to play but not as mush as he wanted.

Another source told me tonight, Manac has mutual interest in the Hogs. He plans to attend Garden City CC in Kansas and will be able to transfer in Jan. and will have three years of eligibility. I would keep an eye on this.

It would be great if they could get him and the lineman out of Texas. Is there room for both in this class?

You probably figure a way. You probably have an idea on who might be moving on in Nov or Dec so that obviously opens up a spot.

Ok. Thanks, Richard.

I know sometimes Dudley and I are vague, but a lot of times the coaching staffs aren’t sure how thing will work out at times. There are so many variables.

Richard how many kids are brought in that the staff goes to and simply tell them after year 1 or 2 that it best for them to find another place if they want to play.

That’s understandable because of how much things fluctuate.

Who is the “lineman” out of Texas?

The OL is Jerome Carvin.

Not sure Ga. told him that. I don’t know enough about the situation.