I'm tired of losing and failed expectations

But unlike John L Smith

This program doesn’t belong to the whole state of Alabama

It’s Arkansas

Let’s see if Coach Bret can pull out a win vs Tex A&M

Let’s see after the season we will know

After all what good does it do to complain right now

Support the team and program and let’s see

Yes - I’ve been a butt head too

I promise to try and be less critical
Despite being weary and tired

It gets harder for me as the years pass. The expenses of traveling to NWA from Eastern Ark continue to rise. The product on the field is blah at best. Tired of being disappointed. No points in the 2nd half of last 3 games versus power 5 opponents.
Should more than alarm some.

I can appreciate your post. After all, nothing is going to happen during the season.

I’ve said that I can take a 7-5 season IF we play competitively in every game. We weren’t competitive against TCU and honestly, we looked unprepared. That is what is disappointing to me.

What disappointing is we play Alabama, Auburn and LSU with no real threat on offense. I hate to get beat and humiliated.
We may not score against those 3 teams.

Our offense can change the whole dynamic if it can stay on the field and keep the defense from getting way too many snaps. I am embarrassed by how badly I read the tea leaves going into this game with TCU. I sure didn’t think our existing WR’s (Stewart and Pettway)would have sooo much trouble getting separation or taking the right option. Jordan Jones may be the fastest guy on our team but he couldn’t get past the TCU DB’s- did they beat him up with press coverage or are they faster than him?

I say we focus on the TE passing game until the WR’s get their act together. The TE is a quicker route to help reduce pocket time. I think O’Grady or Patton should be split out and have Cantrell block next to the tackle.