I'm taking my talents to

My question to you. Is the statement “I’m talking my talents to…” the most obnoxious and lame phrase ever uttered by man?

Even Tom Brady uttered this when he discussed going to Tampa Bay. LaBron James will get credit for starting this when he chose to go to Miami from Cleveland, so I am putting this on him.

A close second is “He needs to step up”. No, he doesn’t need to step up. He needs to “play better”.
Every sports announcer in the world says this. Get rid of it. Kill it. Stop it.

Third and last for me. “He is not a great hitter, runner, quarterback, shooter, whatever” Not only is he not great, he is not even good or average. The guy is just plain bad. Say it, please. He’s bad.

Rant over.

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Sounds like you are getting cabin fever. Good luck.

Thanks for your support. This quarantine stuff is no way to live.

I remember Morgan Freeman saying this line in Shawshank Redemption…"Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’. There is some truth in those words.

I have quite a few no nos. I hate it when I hear “young freshmen.” I assume that it would be unusual if they were not young. So you could say an “old freshmen” but never a young one.

I don’t like calling the players student-athletes or kids. They are players. I have kids, but I don’t really want to hear anyone else talk about their players “as kids.” It’s probably ok, but I never like it.

I don’t like it when someone says “I’m going over somewhere,” or down, up, or just inserting a direction when it really offers little definition of where they are going. Are we going “up” to Kansas City, or “down” to Dallas? I did understood downtown references when I was in Little Rock. It was clear that it was an area of town. Otherwise, don’t use direction when it might not be helpful to where anyone else is sitting.

There are plenty of others. I get frustrated when my wife says “we” need to replace a light bulb in the shower. I would prefer her say, “Clay, would you replace the light bulb in the shower?” I don’t mind doing it, but I know when she says “we” there was never any intention that she was going to do it. Just tell me what I can do to help.

Just the other day she said, “We need to get tick spray for the yard.” Never has she sprayed the yard for ticks. I know that’s my job. But there was a strange “we” inserted in what needed to be done.

I love her, but I just would rather that she tells me what I need to do so I can do it.

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10 AM in the morning or 3 PM in the afternoon!

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“He can really score the basketball” - as opposed to what exactly?

I’ve always been annoyed by the phrase “it is what it is.” For the longest time I thought it was just me, but a few years ago I watched an episode of Longmire in which Walt snapped at someone for saying it.

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Clay, would it be okay if my wife sends you some instructions to lower the work load on me? GHG!

Other than the song, does “Que sera sera” also annoy you? :grinning:

Clay, you are lucky. My wife says, change the light bulb."

At the end of the day we all put our pants on one leg at a time, though some do so to the beat of their own drummer.

“Thank God; it could have been a lot worse.”

Regardless of the number of lives lost (mass shootings/plagues/famines) or the number of people dismembered/displaced (wars, natural disasters), survivors will thank the Almighty for stepping in and ending the situation before it got a lot worse.

I have no doubt a human colony on Mars could see the Earth get smashed to smithereens by an asteroid, and they’d still make the same statement.

“That being said…” Annoying.

Or, he’s a superstar. He can “score the basketball.” Score the basketball? Equally annoying.

A line that has almost always made my skin crawl is “… with (insert name) at the helm.”

Don’t forget about your lack of excitement for me using the words plethora, heretofore and aforementioned.

Or “ albeit.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I find it very annoying when commentators use the name of the coach as though it were the name of the team. It is NOT the fighting Sabans or fighting Kiffins, it is the Tide or the Rebnecks.

In my career I was responsible for presentations at our sales meetings. All came across my desk for editing/approval. One of our guys was fond of saying “perhaps”. Drove me nuts. I’m sure I edited “ perhaps” out hundreds of times.

Perhaps drives me nuts.

I once had an employee ask me what time the game on Saturday was to start. When I told him noon, he asked “12:00 noon?” I replied “No, 2:00 noon.”

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Dudley, you just used your 2020 quota in one sentence.

I have told Tye Richardson not to use “garnered” on our morning radio show.