I'm sure this guy feels like a champ now

That should be a lesson to anyone posting in anger/haste, whatever. SMH

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Wow! I hope that dude does some serious self examination. Terrible blow for Dorian and the team. Praying he makes a full recovery. Seems we’ve had a seasons worth of out for the year injuries, and we’ve only played one game.

That was a disgusting thing to say. I had the pleasure to meet Dorian this summer. I was very impressed with him. Polite and more than happy to visit with an old Hog fan.

Prayers for a full recovery. So tough…

To his credit he did come back a couple of hours later and apologize.

Classic - think & research before you open your mouth.
DG was cordial in both responses, better than I would/could have been, considering.
Hope he makes a full recovery with or without football.

Strained artery sounds like a layman’s description of a carotid dissection, which could be bad news indeed. Carotid dissections happen most commonly because of trauma, like getting hit in the neck during a football game. And it’s often discovered because of some neurologic symptoms, such as localized headache, eyelid droop or temporary vision loss.

Not sure that is the issue , but thanks for sharing a possible reason. Certainly it is a serious thing.

Obviously we have what CM gave us, which ain’t much, but when I searched a medical database for “strained artery in the neck” it gave me carotid dissection. You don’t want the things to clot up, which is why Gerald is going on blood thinners, but if that’s the problem there’s also the possibility of the dissection popping. Remember that Mike Coolbaugh’s death after being hit in the neck by a foul ball at NLR a few years back was because the impact caused an artery to burst (and wearing a batting helmet would not have saved him).

There was a cricket player from Australia named Philip Hughes that died 5 years ago from the same dissection injury. And over the weekend it happened again to another cricket player named Steve Smith. They both got hit in the neck by a cricket ball going about 90 mph. Very scary. I hope DG gets better and see him next season.