I'm sure I've missed the info but

Who plays QB in a Bowl game? And Feleipe Franks is he in or out of the picture. KJ needs rest doesn’t he? Or is it down the QB’s line say 3rd string?

Franks is still the starter. He would be fully healthy for a bowl. KJ has a knee sprain. How long he’s out is unclear. Malik Hornsby would be the next QB.

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Aloha Clay,

Thrilled to read KJ only has a knee sprain. Whew!


Hours after the Alabama game, he wrote on his Snapchat that he didn’t tear his ACL, just “messed up some ligaments around my ACL and MCL.” Obviously really good news.

Thank’s for the inffo. Franks came to Arkansaas, IMO he should have every right to start a bowl game. I am a big fan of his and why he picked Arkansaw I’m not sure. IF we can start moving up the SEC rankings he could be along with our coaches started something big in FB.

Muss has us going in the right direction in basketball, now’s our time in FB

You don’t mention Neighbors, or Van Horn!

Your right Army and that crossed my mind. I have essential tremors and just typing is very hard for me. Sounds stupid but true so I just didn’t TYPE their names. As my new wife says I’m just a train wreck. They are great.

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