Im sure it is not just me

but it feels like this team won us all to hoping beyond reasonable for a good year early and now I feel disappointed as to how they seem to be finishing. Gotta get hot at the right time is obvious in all sports ( I am a Saints and Tampa Bay Lightning fan so I am aware) and I don’t see these guys doing it. No Sidney Moncriefs who could will a team and carry them all by himself (see MJ missing FT’s in the clutch).

I think Reggie Chaney is becoming the poltergeist of Roberto Duran, piedras de mano. Whitt is on a prolonged walkabout that actually is visible on court. I no longer have any hope for Ethan Henderson ever being a positive contributor and maybe on a good day he could be a minute eater while we give someone needed bench time.

Some how, some one seems to hit a bad stretch and just keep the ball and perpetuating the problem that develolps without a teammate bailing him out. Today Jalen hit one of those stretches and Mz stretched it back out after we had rallied to evn. Watching Muss it seems like he feels something similar. I don’t want to go real spectific, just a total gestalt feel.

We are tough and we have guts and just enough skill such that we can win unexpectedly. Can we win when expected and can we close out strong really concerns me. I am half empty for sure in Clay’s analysis of PJ. These guys spoiled me early because we won even when our warts were obvious. I wanted this team to be a Kent Allison and Darryl Saulsberry throwback which was before we had ever experienced success. Im looking for an emotional leader and court commander which I dont see because eveyone on the team seems so equal in their self confidence.

Injuries have just devastated this team. We were just too thin to start with to sustain any. OT games exhaust a thin team. We need a week off. We desperately need Joe back, but I’m afraid by the time we get him, we’ll have played ourselves out of contention.

They are worn down

We’re done

We will win a few more. 9-9 in conference is still realistic.

They’re worn down and I’ve said for a long time now that Musselman has got to change his 7-8 man rotation view. This year he really has no choice but this is the same thing that happened to Anderson in his first season. He only had 8 scholarship players and the team ran out of gas half way through the SEC season.

No depth! You can run and gun with 6 or 7 players. You sure can’t win fouling and sending your opponent to the foul line 44 times like they did today!
Depth is on the way.

The things that won games early in the season, limited fouling, good ball movement and hitting a good percentage, both from the line and field are noticeably absent now. I know we don’t have a lot of options and hopefully help is on the way, but Jones dominating the ball and what looks like tired legs late in the game hurting our defense and shooting appear to have really impacted this team. To have 16 wins is a nice accomplishment, but going forward wins will be seriously challenging.

I got shouted down when I said the non-con season was fool’s gold. I’m enjoying this team and this season nevertheless. I look forward to the future under Muss.

Not sure where we can pull out another 5 victories. Plus I do not think a 9-9 record in conference play will get us in the tournament.

how on earth can he change his “7-8 man rotation view” with 9 scholarship players, one out injured and one just had back injection, and 2 are named Henderson and cylla?


That’s a poker hand you fold on a “check”! Today what beat our hogs was our senior leader getting hot headed and loosing his mind! We played really bad! It’s a miracle we had a chance!

I guess you missed the part where I said this year he has no choice, but he’s coached like that at Nevada as well even with depth and stated his preferences like that before(I think he was being somewhat sarcastic about that part). Next season, depending on who returns from this years team, we could go 10 deep and not miss a beat.

What Muss did really well was stocking the non-conference pond with a bunch of easy prey – easy fishing in a stocked pond. Well, the real season started with our home game against TAMU, and we struggled then.

It’s easy to blame injuries and the tireds, but the real issue is we’re just not very good. We’re #10 in the SEC, right where the pundits originally forecast…

That is Bull!

Miss is plenty smart to know the difference between the SEC and the mountain west or whatever it’s called now smh

I’m pretty sure teams are picked well in advance. I’m not sure Musselman had a lot of say in this years schedule.

Didn’t say he wasn’t, I just know what he’s done and said in the past about this topic.

I am pretty sure that Musselman did pick many of the nonconference games. There were some contracts that required return games like Indiana, Georgia Tech and Western Kentucky. But a lot of that schedule was picked by the new coach. I dont object to the schedule, either.

Why all the gloom and doom? This team has been on the verge of winning all their losses. I’m not ready to throw in the towel. They just need to start better and finish better. They are actually playing pretty well for the 30 minutes in middle. Well, I guess with so many OT games, you might have to consider that extra 5 minutes, but same thing–need to finish games when they have the chance. As a coach, having a team in contention with 2 minutes to go should be what you want every night.