I'm sure Fry is a great coach

But I’m starting to think we need a bonified OL coach to get the talent in here and coach up some quality studs. Honestly, I really like Fry and I think he’s gonna be great in the future, but this OL is worse than he is good. I’m tired of having the worst OL in the Power 5.

Need to get someone who can recruit.

He needs to go, some slchanges have to be made and he’s the weak link.

The OL is a very difficult position to coach and he has 0 talent to work with but the kids should at least try hard I have seen more guys driven 5 yds back in the backfield or just completely whiff than ever before and I can tell you from experience that’s a “want to” problem,they have no desire to get off the ball in fact most of the time they stand straight up out of their stance and try to wall their man off,a lot of times they don’t take the proper steps and its not helping them that we are running a lot of east west plays.

there is going to have to be some serious weight training going in the offseason and a different midset to toughess b/c the SEC is a physical league and finesse is not going to cut it…you have to fire off the ball and drive block and that takes proper technique the one who gets leverage(underneath the others pads) will usually win the battle and standing straight up will never allow you to do that.

He has his work cut out for him B/C none of the incoming recruits can play next yr Cunningham is the only one who may can if we get him Limmer is going to be great!! but has to had about 20 lbs Winkel from last yr is going to be very good and Gatlin if he can much stronger can be good, Capps has potential and is strong as an ox but even he was driven 5 yds back in the backfiled and why I say its a want to and technique problem…Long ways away from fielding a competitive OL and that is sad b/c it want matter who is QB or at WR until we get that fixed.

Why are you sure he’s a great coach?

Froholdt for sure and probably Wallace can play next level, but either Fry or CCM made both positions weaker by playing Hjalte at center which sucked and set a bad precedent for the year. I do agree that in the current world the C is at least as important as a LT. TN put it together with very small, out physicaled linemen. Not a single damn T in their starting lineup, but they played each snap and did reasonably well. Recruited 2x 5 stars to put a lot of optimism in their season.

I think it’s more than just the OL with that problem. Maybe the entire team, and part of the coaching staff, but we will see next year.

Your forget about Nwanna or not impressed?

While I don’t think the OL fix will be easy and understand that to have a cohesive unit, it takes time for them to be together, I do think with the right JC help and reliance on some of the younger players on the team already, that next year’s line will be better. Not great but better. Lack of SEC experience will be the biggest problem. Again, not great, but better. Then again, it can’t be much worse.

Dudley I’m not really impressed with Nwanna.I don’t see him as a guy who can come in and start,doesn’t look to have great feet,I was much more impressed with Tim Anderson even if he was needing to put on some LBS he had GREAT feet. but Nobody asked me so we will see.I really Liked Donovan potential but saw your post on him.

I’m not an OL expert like Youdaman but my concern with Anderson was not enough lead in his backside. Afraid in SEC he’ll get physically handled like the Texas transfer from a couple of years ago.

Anderson would have to put on weight which you can easily do but from a technique standpoint he’s about as good as you will see…doubt he was a real option anyway…too far away.I like Donovan better than Nwanna but he’s not cleared yet.

Wallace ain’t playing in the NFL. He has the physical tools but lacks the desire. He has been a non factor since he and his 4 star rating got here.