I'm still pissed

That we “lost” to the Aggies. A$M is a steaming pile of trash. Bring this game back to campus. That is all.



I agree with both of you guys. Get that game back to campus! How many more years are left under contract to be played in Jerry’s World?

The more I watch tam play the more I realize how low-life Jimbo really is.
They’re not going to fire him 'cause they don’t want to fork over 87 mil but I’m sure glad they lost tonight
even if it was to ole miss.

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The game would have been in College Station this year. I don’t think playing in Arlington is the reason Arkansas lost.


Matt with all due respect “who said we lost because it was in Dallas”???

What we are saying is we don’t need a tour guide to show off “Jerry’s World” we NEED to show case our place!!

WE must get these kids on campus! And I might add that counts the Little Rock game. It’s great for the #1 Fans with a trip to Dallas #2 For the Boosters in LR. When do the kids matter “MORE”

That’s 2 games out the window. IMO


I think 2 left.

That is correct.

Don’t get me started on the A&M game. Had them right where we wanted them and then someone decided to get cute.


I will be glad when that’s over! Oh course the first game after that should be on the hill. The CoVID game was in College Station I think.

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Well, maybe… if the goal posts were college instead of pro that field goal is good…so, just sayin’

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Good point, sd. On a college field it would have probably been called “Good.”

According to the rulebook, if any part of the ball goes over the outside edge of the goal post, the kick is no good. I don’t think that would have been called a good kick on a 30-foot post, but we’ll never know.

I don’t either Matt. We lost because of one text book case of a lack of situational awareness. Not gonna beat up on the player who lacked it, because he is a great player who has won many games for us. You just hope a lesson was learned, and I think it was. We have now cancelled out one of last season’s losses, and are back to level par. We still have a decent shot at a very good season.

TAM will keep Jimbo for at least two or three more years–develop the talent and lower buy out. They will require him to relinquish play calling and hire offensive coordinator who will have the means to simplify the current offense . Jimbo will be be held responsible for managing the program expectations including recruiting and the new staff. His not having developed a QB in his tenure consistently will cost him some of his leverage given his contract.

TAM has lot’s talent but it is not being utilized as well as it chould be.

SEC is difficult league to win games in and you pay a price when you let one slip away regardless of who you are or your ranking. This one loss where ARK. was clearly a better team will likely affect bowl selections , potential recruiting , and things such as poll ranking as voters will see who you beat and who you lost too. It all matters.

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Dude just let it go and enjoy the offense. Every coach has some clunker play calls.

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I didn’t start the topic and we all have opinions. I’m still pretty pissed about that game too. You DON’T get to tell me what to do!! So S.T. you know what up dude!

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