I'm still here

and in your prayers every once in awhile.
Well the hernia surgery has healed and last week I had surgery on my nose. LOL
Actually some new procedure nicknamed the Balloon procedure. My regular doctor made me go see a Dr. Michael Marsh.
I have always said there is no way on earth I was going to have surgery on my nose again. Actually Almer Lee’s younger brother
Donald broke my nose in high school playing basketball at Nothside. A few years later Dr. Wells rebroke and set my nose back in place.
At any rate I was talked into this deal. Mercy what a bloody mess I was a few hours later.

UP next in August, Prostate, neck, and knees. And in what order I have no idea.
Thanks in advance for any prayers or thoughts!

We’ll be praying for you. Sounds like quite an ordeal!

I suggest dealing with the prostate first.

As they say, Mike, one step at a time. You are doing it right and glad you are taking care of your issues. There are plenty of issues. I will say that when I have a little bump in the road, I think of you and know I’ve got it easy. I do pray for you and I know you feel the prayers.