I'm sorry too, but it's time CCM

owns some of this awful season. Not only will he own the worst season in Razorback history, he also wins the worst job of all the new head coaches this season.

No way he goes unscathed for this mess of a football team throughout the entire season.

his kids look like zombies on the field

He is the coach. He owns it. What else should be done to him?

Obviously, nothing this year, unless instructions from the AD, that he has to make coaching changes. Most posts on here have absolved him while blaming the players and the previous coach. His coaching job this year is certainly no better, and IMO, worse than any previous coach at Arkansas. The one thing that should happen is no extension and no raise, and letting him know that another 2-4 win season won’t be tolerated.

I don’t disagree.

Yep put the pressure on to cheat. Heck maybe we are already with the 1st recruiting class.
I’m sure there are a lot of top coaches calling for interviews promising to fix this mess.

Morris is obviously in over his head. He’s a high school coach.

Aw, c’mon Jim, where in the hell do you see anything about cheating in this thread. The only thing mentioned was his on the field results as head coach of this team. We lost to several teams who have never finished as high in recruiting as the hogs finished in the last 5 years. That’s what I’m complaining about. He’s done a great job in recruiting the 2019 class. Now, he needs to show he can coach them.

You have to extend him otherwise your recruiting will go south quick. The recruiters like Kinney mark Smith Justin stepp and craddock along with SCOTT and Caldwell have landed this class. Fire any of them you risk losing those players.

He will get his 5 years.

Too early to make that call

Geeze, has to be cheating in recruiting, can’t do anything else right. Right?
(Sarcasm Alert) maybe

He won’t though. I haven’t even read the thread and I know what it will include.

OMG. You would give him 5 years regardless? So, 4 years of 2-4 wins and you give him 4 extensions and another year. Wow!

OMG. You would give him 5 years regardless? So, 4 years of 2-4 wins and you give him 4 extensions and another year. Wow!

Sure seems to be. Bielema deserves to be fired. But at least his teams mostly competed and looked like they had played football before.

Yes Harley you have to grant the extensions. Also if the coaching industry begins to view our job as one where careers go to end, well your pool of applicants diminishes.

We hired Morris knowing few players on this team could compete and play in his system. I think many have forgotten bielema’s first year looked a lot like this especially once Brandon hurt his shoulder and aj derby played qb.

You give this staff 2 years together before changes are necessary unless there is something behind the scenes that screams make a change.

I agree he is a high school coach and over his head but you do have to extend him regardless.
It will hurt recruiting if they see he may not survive and just deal with the money if he is fired.

He had more 30+ point losses in SEC play than any other Razorback coach.

Now apples to apples…First SEC season he got car killed 52-0 and 52-7

Did you say after that season he was a HS coach?

0-8 in SEC play.

Thank you for skipping the middle school names. Nothing you said here that’s wrong. And you made your point without looking like a fifth-grader.

Heaven forbid you shine the light.

I really question what the hell is going on in some posters heads.

Some clearly didn’t watch the last 6 years of this program.

Continually referring to CCM as a high school coach is severely ignorant. The guy has been coaching in college at a high leve for a decade.