I'm sorry but Ty Storey is awful

totally unsuited for QB in SEC

He is awful. Just awful.

1 player does not make a team, but boy the horrible play we get at that position keeps us from ever having a chance.

That was a bad play by Ty. But he is not awful.

Our OL is awful.

We should’ve been on their 30 yard line. Lineman down field is unacceptable.

One of the biggest mistakes the staff made this year. His deficiencies make you play in a phone booth and he’s awful in the phone booth.

Trust me he got plenty of company… just a complete mess…never seen a worse ark.team. I would hate to be Chad Morris and try to turn this mess around there is so many non SEC players on this team its unbelievable

When you only have to defend the 10 yards from los, not hard to plat defense.

That’s because the QB, OL and WR are just awful

Int all on Story. ineligible lineman downfield negating a big play not Story’s fault., Left tackle letting defender run past him to cause fumble, geeze.

He is absolutely horrible. But if you’ve watched any game this season, we knew this already.

Least talented starting qb we’ve had In a long, long time I bet. For sure in my lifetime.

Ok Connor time to shine. Not good so far

Turnover waiting to happen

There is no QB on Earth could look good with this o line it is the most pathetic group of personnel I have ever seen and to make things worth they have totally quit it is absolutely puke Worthy. They had played high and soft pretty much all year long yes we’ve had a few decent Run games but the majority of the time they are absolutely pathetic

Connor has thrown the ball exceptionally well today stinking receivers can’t catch the ball that’s not his fault when he’s had time to throw the ball every one of his throws have been perfect

It was the 1st fumbled snap by Connor that everyone nervous.
But yes Oline & WR’s don’t help the QB situation

That was the centers man. They finally benched him and moved Fro to center. It was his third totally awful play.

Tackle center it’s hard to keep up with.

OT was bad, the C was getting totally embarrassed. Worst display I have ever seen during any season

Man, we sure are agreeing a lot these days. Any pigs flying out your window ? :slight_smile:

Bingo, QB is the most important position at every level in today’s game and we chose to go all in, with one of the if not the worst one in the country.