Im sorry but I am not overly impressed with some parts of this class

Its the same old same every year. We are ranked in bottom half of SEC , and expect our coaches to develope them into SEC stars. I for one am tired of all the connection to the Big Ten. Over half the players had a offer from Iowa State. Please tell me when the last time they were good? I also think that is the reason we seemed to be a tad slow on defense because of the big ten philosophy that our coaches hold. Maybe they are too heavy or not enough focus on agility or speed. Of the O-lineman not impressed with any of them. Especially Arkansas boys , they play in schools were they are just bigger than everybody and can get away with just sheer size. The Wagner kid is just a clone of skipper. I was never overly impressed with him either. Big but slow, no agility and poor footwork. No chance of draft day action. I would say he had a solid career but not the kind of player we need to be in top 3 of SEC. The Wr’s I do like Brandon Martin looks to have hands but I worry bout him making it Academically, Nance looks like speed to kill but same for him. I am impressed with the CB’s and think 2 or 3 of them will have stellar careers. I also like Fisher the lb’er undersized but love a hitter. Sorry but David Porter is just us trying to fill a slot. We took him from Colorodo State he wasnt good enough to take a commitment from before but know he is good. Lets not kid ourselves folks. The other juco guy may be ok but stats dont look impressive. For instance Ledbetter had a very solid career here but I want better if we are going to compete in top of SEC. Mainly I am saying while to mist this class may suffice but we wont be good in SEC until we have players that are first day draft choices. Look at every time we have had 9 or more wins wee have had one or more first or second rounders.

Having a rough day?

All right, now that we have ur opinion we can just cancel football until they hire u for ur expertise on recruits.

So glad u bash them here on the board and I hope Dudley bans u for it.

Pretty stupid to do that with kids.

Brandon Martin is enrolled…so no reason to worry about academics

Skipper was a 4 year starter…not a bad recruit at all. Team player who was an emotional leader and played wherever needed. We also generally have success with instate lineman. And all 3 OL recruits are enrolled and will go through spring practice

Kyrei Fisher…When is 6-3 245 lbs undersized. But yes, he will strike you

Obviously this was just a person wanting to complain. Not someone who follows recruiting (or maybe even doesn’t watch games).

Oh yeah…Porter had late offers from Texas and Baylor. I hate to mix facts with opinions about who offered who.

Man, if i wrote like that I’d be worried about academics, too.

Go back and look at Porter’s highlights. He may not be a future All American, but he has nice foot speed, great agility (if he were a CB we would be talking about hiss swivel hips) and watch him read the action. The guy obviously has high football IQ.

Like it was mentioned above, there is a reason Arkansas, Texas and Baylor ultimately came after him.

Was he ever actually offered by both though? Or was it just interest being shown. 247 doesn’t show them having offered him.

Why does it matter? Porter will be a Hog and might be a good one - as with every other recruit.

Even though I think you came at this all wrong I do think you are correct about some things, even though many will bash you for saying it.

The DL in this class are very sub par guys.
Nice Wr group.
Nice Secondary group.
OL is questionable, I like Wagner personally more than skipper coming in he looks better. It’s Adcok that worries me, I watched him play and he was awfully slow and somewhat soft, but a great size.
I like the RBs.
Not too crazy about the LBers, but optimistic about them.
Have to love the Juco TE signing, that was a great one.
I also like the qb, but question why he didn’t have better offers.

Overall I think it’s a typical Arkansas class but is a good one for the majority.
Until we get into the top 7 or 8 of the SEC we will never really have too much success.

Maybe it’s on the way the future of recruiting for the upcoming years could be good.

It doesn’t, it was simply a question. He was talking about facts and I was just asking in return.

I like porter, he will play with passion but I mean whether you agree with t or not the OP is right he is ultimately a back up guy, so it’s clear to see there are things the staff weren’t ready to offer him over originally.
Nothing to get upset over.

No doubt, he may need to go to JUCO to improve.

OP you are a classic “star-gazer” and you think recruiting rankings win games, they do not. There are around 15 schools that the other 113 schools will never outrank in recruiting, just the way it is. There may be 2 or 3 kids I am just not tickled with in this class…Nance not sure I see it on size or his production. Barnes is a great athlete without a position, who knows maybe they both light it up for us. The rest I am happy with, one of the things this class has added is speed and athleticism and that was by design IMO. Our there others I would trade for sure, but it is going to be 5 solid recruiting classes in a row. That is the recipe for success at a school like Arkansas, we have never put this many solid classes together back to back. For you and other “star gazers” ESPN just re-ranked our 2013 11th place class in the SEC as actually the 3rd best class. Whose to say this year or last years class is not the same? We will find out in 3 or 4 years.

I don’t think this is fair to say. You don’t recruit someone to be a backup guy. Trey Flowers comes to mind. He was a two star guy that is now starting in the super bowl. Rare, yes, but was never recruited to be a backup. No one is. We’ll just see if Porter has the same potential as him.

We should be so lucky that a guy with Porter’s skill set only plays backup !

Let me break down what that meant since you didn’t decipher.

Not lierally a back up as in 2nd strong.

Back up as in he was a plan B or C guy to Troy James/ other DL guys. That’s what I meant.

I have a friend that goes to Robinson games said that Porter is good but undersized. I have seen him listed from 6-1 to 6-4.

He measured 6’3" 240Lbs at Arkansas on Saturday, and his Dad is 6’8".

So was Dre Greenlaw, I know he plays a different position but he was late late offer kid without a lot of fanfare.
He is pretty good as I recall.