I'm sold that

Chad Morris is the better hire vs Mike Norvell.

My worry with a Norvell is that he is not ready, and no one has been able to sway me away from that thought.

After some research into Chad, I see that he has turned around SMU, has the best coaching connections in Texas, is an offensive genius, who by the way, (Mike learned under him at Tulsa) went on to be a fantastic OC at Clemson.

I think Chad stands a much better chance at building a staff that’s SEC ready, he knows what the highest level of competition requires because he’s been there.
Go get the master, not the protege.

Morris is the guy. Give him 2M to get a D.C.

I think we are good either way with Morris or Norvell, but I lean towards Morris a lot more now.

Nice post. I agree 100%. Go get Morris, and give him the money to put together an all-star staff, comprised of great recruiters with a heavy emphasis in Texas. To get to a point where Arkansas is competitive in the SEC and eventually able to compete for a championship, they have to be good at pulling SEC talent out of Texas.

Morris took over 1-11 dumpster fire where recruits need a 28 on their ACT to get in. Let that sink in for a few minutes. Morris is the only one with existing connections in Texas. I also don’t punish a coach for a bad defense because he may not have had the money to hire a good DC or enough talent. We have the money to hire a GOOD Def Coord to make it work.

Richard talked to some Texas coaches about Norvell and Morris: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12898&p=93632#p93632

While I generally have been very interested in Mike Norvell, I am finding it curious that our search and Tennessee’s have a lot of similar candidates, but they do not have Mike. I suspect it would be hard to sell a hire from an instate school, but still wonder why they would pass on him. Just ready to rally behind a new coach.

Let’s just hire one of them and get on with it! Woo Pig!!!

I like Morris and have been trying to sell myself he is the better of the two. But the numbers just don’t back up what you say. Recruiting classes ranked at 247, I looked at 4 yrs. of Arizona St. when Norvell was there, was ranked 19-39. Beat the Bielema classes a couple of years. Memphis recruiting rankings up significantly both years after Norvell hired, hands down has out recruited SMU the last two years, Morris has never signed a 4 star, he signs more 2’s than Norvell. SMU is a bit ahead of Memphis this year according to the rankings. Still no 4 star commits for Morris. Head to head in games, no contest both times. I get it, Morris inherited crap at SMU, you could argue Norvell rode Fuente’s momentum.

Again, I like Chad, just no significant evidence he is the better coach. Nobody knows how either would fare in the SEC. I’m not sure our BOT will approve a guy with a 14-22 lifetime HC W-L. My worry is neither is ready.

Take a look into SMUs admission requirements and you’ll see how much more difficult it is to recruit to SMU. Which at the time was a complete disaster when he took over. Memphis was rolling, always easier to recruit when you’re winning.

His current class is rated higher than Memphis, and that should never happen.

Fair enough. I think Chad would be a good hire. I just don’t see the cut and dried separation.