I'm so sick of the Bill Walton show

Its never about the game its always about him. Unreal that the producers think this is good tv.

There’s threads on multiple boards with complaints about Walton. It’s almost unbearable. I have no idea what he’s even talking about half the time. Commenting on the game is a secondary option for him.

He’s so awful.

I vote for Arkansas to never play in this tournament again as long as Bill Walton is the color guy.

He does not even watch the game.

This tournament will never happen again, because Phil Knight will never be 80 again.

We’re giving ESPN what they want. We watch and we complain. Which is the whole idea. Fortunately for us, he works mainly west coast games. We don’t have any more of those.

Painful! Thank goodness I have a mute button!

Is he drunk? This is horrible! All he can talk about are rivers and watersheds.

He would be a good on an environmental lecture circuit! But to listen to all this drivel in the middle of a college BB game oughta be unlawful!

Now he’s loving swimming in the Columbia! Lol!

Mercy I give. I always thought he was hilarious when the game didn’t involve the Hogs. However, I agree with the rest of you guys that it was very annoying.